Black Label Six Pack Crew Challenge No Image

Black Label Six Pack Crew Challenge

11.29.2006 //

Click here to see the enterants

Bacon Trailer No Image

Bacon Trailer

11.29.2006 //

Here’s some road trip footage from the Bacon Team.


Tommy Sandoval

11.28.2006 //

We at Skateboardermag.com have been meaning to sit down and get a few words from Tommy Sandoval for a while now. But, since he’s currently laid up with 13 staples in his leg, we had to email him some questions instead. Somehow those same questions ended up in the mailbox of Chris Cole. Since Chris […]


Volcom Demo

11.27.2006 //

People – South Europa No Image

People – South Europa

11.27.2006 //

This is the trailer for a new skateboarding video from Italy called “People – South Europa Skateboarding”.


Get Familiar Premier

11.27.2006 //

Saturday, November 18th 2006, Washington D.C. Chris Hall’s ‘Get Familiar’ video premiere went off with a bang in Washington D.C.

Planet Earth Green label Giveaway No Image

Planet Earth Green label Giveaway

11.22.2006 //

Planet Earth’s new Green Label line is made of Natural and sustainable fibers like hemp, organic cotton and recycled bottles. Learn More Here

AGSJ in Pomona No Image

AGSJ in Pomona

11.22.2006 //

For immediate release: Head to the “North Pole” for the “All Girl Skate Jam” at Fairplex in Pomona Rallying for a busy new year full of events. Pomona CA, December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 2007. After a rowdy and rocking summer on the Vans Warped Tour the All Girl Skate Jam prepares to switch seasons […]


Barties New Board

11.22.2006 //

Get Chad’s thoughts on his new sponsor Here

Listen Phoenix No Image

Listen Phoenix

11.21.2006 //

Listen gets down in the desert in this AZ. Tour footage

Under The Radar: Justin Clement Footage No Image

Under The Radar: Justin Clement Footage

11.21.2006 //

Justin Clement’s Footage


Under the Radar: Justin Clement

11.21.2006 //

As far as skating goes, there are a lot of kids who are really good at skating one specific thing, rails, drops, manuals, etc. But the ones that stand out are kids like Justin who manage to make the best out of any spot he goes to. He’s one of those kids that never complains […]