Collin Kennedy

04.28.2006 //

Colin Kennedy Words: Alex Klein It’s an impressive feat to have cultivated a professional skateboard career anywhere outside of California. It’s particularly impressive when it’s done from one of the wettest corners of an already damp island, Scotland. Colin Kennedy has done just that. Here he talks about making music, the trouble with Neds and […]


60 Seconds Caswell

04.27.2006 //

60 Seconds Caswell Berry Why do you carry a shotgun in the trunk of your car? I could just say I’m tough. I like to shoot guns. I went through firearm safety classes and all that. If I ever feel the need, I can pull over, load up and let a few rip, get some […]


15 Things Big Brother

04.27.2006 //

Words: Dave Carnie, Sean Cliver, Chris Nieratko, Jeff Tremaine and Brian Peech 1. When Earl Parker was editor of Big Brother in the early 1990s, he lived on the floor of the World Industries skatepark. Since he was so poor, he was kind of at the mercy of whatever anyone would give him. “Every morning […]


No-Handed Harley Riding at 80 mph While Taking Photos

04.24.2006 //

For Immediate Release – April 24, 2006 No-Handed Harley Riding at 80 mph While Taking Photos Our America – Jason O’Dell Photography How did such amazing shots come from a photographer who was traveling at speeds in excess of 80 mph on a Harley? It’s called artistic creativity at its finest! Our America showcases the […]


Cliche' Report

04.21.2006 //


Bowlriders Goes To Malmo

04.21.2006 //

THE QUIKSILVER BOWLRIDERS GOES TO MALMO, SWEDEN NEW BOWLRIDERS QUALIFICATION SERIES TO GRANT WILD CARDS FOR THE FINAL EVENT FROM MAY 19-21, 2006. (Huntington Beach, CA) April 15, 2006 — Quiksilver, a division of Quiksilver Inc. (www.quiksilver.com) and the world’s leader in boardriding lifestyle and culture, announced that Malm, Sweden will be the new host […]


Birdhouse Update

04.18.2006 //

With Spring upon us, the Birdhouse team is gearing up for a big summer of traveling and filming. Already many of the riders are on the road working hard. Steve Nesser is currently in Tel Aviv, Israel shooting photos and filming. Steve had only been at home in St. Paul, MN a few days before […]


Hsu Cracks His Skull

04.18.2006 //

We were in France, Lake Ancee to be exact, on one of the many Osiris tours in the summer of 2004. We just finished a big demo in town at a cool concrete park on the banks of a Lake Ancee. After your usual crowd-pleasing demo for thousands of kids, we jumped into our speedboats […]


Agency Handbook: Vol 2. Issue 2

04.15.2006 //


Fluer De Lis: Bakersfield

04.11.2006 //

April 8th, 2006 Bakersfield, California The Bakersfield stop on the Elemental Awareness Fleur De Lis Contest Series was the biggest yet with close to 500 people in attendance. The event literally had cars slowing down on the 99 Freeway as they passed to check out the scene. There was a lot of diversity in the […]


King Of The Ramp

04.07.2006 //

King of the Ramp 2006 “One of the sickest battles in skateboarding!” How can you party all night long, get up in the morning and skate a 20 – minute marathon run?? I don’t know….I rarely have seen a session with so much energy and so many bad slams while trying a trick. But no […]


Arbor Day Skate Jam

04.07.2006 //

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