60 Seconds: Josh Kalis

11.16.2005 //

Three things keeping you in Michigan? My house, my daughter and my wife. Last time you paid a ticket? Speeding, three weeks ago. It was a big one, but the cop gave me a break and it ended up not being so bad. What music got you psyched in the Toy Machine days, and what […]


15 things: The Great Wall

11.16.2005 //

1. Danny Way first conceived the idea to jump the Great Wall several years ago on a flight to Asia. His friends laughed at him and claimed he’d lost his marbles. But the gears were set into motion when he met with the China Extreme Sports Association, a government body created in 2004 to oversee […]


Demo for Eric.

11.15.2005 //

Tony Hawk to help in the wake of the Eric Costello tragedy On hearing about the passing of Eric Costello and about the son he left behind, skating legend Tony Hawk took it upon himself to get involved. After just a few short phone calls, word spread like wildfire. On Sunday, November 20th Tony Hawk […]

5boro Teaser No Image

5boro Teaser

11.15.2005 //

This teaser breaks down the meaning behind the 5Boro name, in classic NY Style.


3rd Lair News

11.15.2005 //


The Reality of Bob's Premiere

11.14.2005 //

The Reality of Bob is…. that he is one of the gnarliest humans to ever step on a skateboard. From winning his first North American pro contest (Slam City) in 96’, to looping a full pipe…. to his latest act of insanity…the corkscrew, Bob has cemented his name in the ranks of skateboard legends. Watch […]

4 Star Teaser No Image

4 Star Teaser

11.11.2005 //

Check out the teaser to 4 Star’s newest dvd called “Super Champion Fun Zone”


Crail World Cup

11.08.2005 //

Here’s some pics and info about Crail World Cup’05 that happened this weekend in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was amazing, 5000 kids inside the gymnasium, gnarly tricks, live punk rock…what more can you ask for? Vert Finals were live on ESPN Brasil. We also have a Nike SB best trick in a street obstacle. Bob […]


411 Vs. Round Two

11.08.2005 //

Click here to see 8 new clips from 411 VS. Round 2 Click here to vote for your favorite clip


Greco's Baker Re-Edit

11.07.2005 //

Click to See “The Lost Greco Part” Explain how this whole “lost Greco part” started. Well I wanted to use this song, but I went temporarily insane and changed my video part about three times completely stressing out Andrew, Minor, and pissing off Robin. I like it to Chinese rocks, but this version captures what […]


F'East Tour

11.07.2005 //

FLIP AND THE FIRM TO LAUNCH NORTHEASTERN U.S. TOUR Batten down the hatches, two of the most respected teams in skateboarding are setting forth to pillage the Northeast from November 19 through 26. Flip and The Firm have joined forces to put the show on the road for a tour that will ask no quarter […]


Globe Bowl Bash

11.04.2005 //

‘ALEX GIRAUD’ WINS THE ‘GLOBE BOWLBASH’ FINALS IN EINDHOVEN! Sunday October 23rd the finals of the Globe BowlBash 2005 series came to a climax in the Area51 MU bowl in Eindhoven. Europeans best bowlriders pushed each other to new heights. 23-year-old Alex Giraud from Marseille showed an incredible performance and conquered the BowlBash 2005 title. […]

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