"Kick In the Teeth" Tour Dates

09.19.2005 //

411 VS. Round 1 No Image

411 VS. Round 1

09.15.2005 //

411 Vs. Round One
See all 16 Skaters here!


411 VS.

09.15.2005 //

Check out all the tricks from Round 1 HERE. Click HERE to vote


Artistically Inclined: Pope and Adams

09.09.2005 //

Russ Pope and Jason Adams Adams and Pope mugs Shadow Boneless Adams Ollie Pope Smith


Vans Down Town Showdown

09.06.2005 //

The Vans Downtown Showdown, held Labor Day weekend on the Universal Studios Back Lot, was truly a one-of-a-kind event. Against a city backdrop more reminiscent of Brooklyn than Hollywood, streets and alleys covered with custom-built skating obstacles brought out the world’s top street skateboarders. Andrew Reynolds, Jamie Thomas, Eric Koston, and many other top pros […]


Daewon VS. Daewon

09.02.2005 //

Daewon Song words: Brian Peech photos: Anthony Acosta After a hectic year of juggling two of the strongest video parts of his career, Daewon Song has finally found room to breathe. We caught up with him during a taxing video premire tour. In typical Daewon form—humble, down-to-earth and animated—he shares tales of escaping gang life, […]


60 Seconds: Max Schaff

09.02.2005 //

60 Seconds with Max Schaff Your idea of paradise? A woman to love, your friends are there and you’re young forever. Last time you felt like a rock star? I was just in Japan and because of Eric Koston and Brian Anderson, the kids were just going crazy. But I didn’t really feel like a […]

15 THINGS: Skatopia No Image

15 THINGS: Skatopia

09.01.2005 //

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Skatopia words: Kevin Craft photos: Ben Colen 1. In 1996, skateboarder Brewce Martin’s dream to create a skate haven where he could play loud music and build ramps materialized. He purchased 88 acres of southern Ohio backwoods for a mere $45,000, and Skatopia was born. Sandwiched between garage cells […]


Question Authority : Brian Sumner

09.01.2005 //

Brian Sumner I was visiting your website [briansumner.net] and noticed that a lot of your graphics have to do with ninjas. Are you just a fan of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, or do you actually practice martial arts? Do you think that there is a link between martial arts and skateboarding? My friends […]


Question Authority: Rick McCrank

09.01.2005 //

Question Authority Rick McCrank You’re my favorite skateboarder. Not only do you kill it on the streets, but also on transitions. And you’re not a dick or all flashy and hype, y’know? How do you manage to be a pro and live in Vancouver? Do you ever think of living in California? What do you […]


C1RCA Goes Global

08.30.2005 //


X Games Vert and Big Air

08.17.2005 //

Vert Best Trick and Big Air from Los Angeles Bob Burnquist and Danny Way come out on top at the X Games. These guys are driven; both of them suffered repeated slams, both of them ignored the beatings and moved on to take Gold. Vert Best Trick The crowd was behind Shaun White and his […]

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