Red Bull Seek  and Destroy II No Image

Red Bull Seek and Destroy II

08.10.2005 //

4 teams, 3 cities and one week to destroy them all.


Artistically Inclined: Chet Childress

08.03.2005 //

We tracked Chet Childress down at his home in Portland Oregon to ask him a few questions about art, inspiration and and his alter ego. Once your done reading this, Click Here to win some Childress art T’s What inspires your style of art? Traveling, being stuck in limbo (airplanes, bars, hotels, tours). …drawing on […]


Mammoth Concrete

08.01.2005 //

Grindline Comes To California. The trannys are poured, and the Mammoth Skatepark is soon to be open. It’slated to be the biggest park in California at 45,000 square feet. This skatepark was built in memory of pro snowboarder, avid skateboarder and Mammoth native, Jeff Anderson and will be titled the “Brothers Skatepark”.


Etnies in Stereo

07.27.2005 //

Los Angeles, Calif. – Blood, sweat and tears went into creating the etnies Stereo Collection. etnies designers worked with Jason Lee and Chris Pastras around the clock to develop footwear that possessed Stereo’s urban Americana style. After all the hard work that went into the project, etnies and Stereo hosted an evening of Martinis and […]

Almost Famous: Derek No Image

Almost Famous: Derek

07.26.2005 //


Greg Lutzka

07.25.2005 //

Q. Ok.. from Beer City to Illenium to Krooked to ALMOST…. Was it hard to decide what you wanted from a team? A. Well I just wanted to be a part of a company that makes sense with the team. A team where traveling is fun and every one gets along and are friends. Then […]


Powell Wood

07.25.2005 //

Grab your extra pair of socks and your brown bag lunch, it is time to board the Skateboarder short bus for a field trip. We all know that field trips are always better than sitting behind the same old desk but four years of touring the same old apple juice factory can get kind of […]

Sixty Seconds: Jamie Thomas No Image

Sixty Seconds: Jamie Thomas

07.22.2005 //

Jamie Thomas 60 Seconds Last trick you learned? Haven’t learned any new tricks. I’ve just been relearning old tricks. What would you do today if the world was going to end tomorrow? I’d call everyone I could and tell them about Jesus. Then I’d call everyone I cared about and talk about how rad it’s […]


Skate Anatomy : Brad Staba

07.22.2005 //

SKATE ANATOMY BRAD STABA “My ribs punctured my liver and cut it three-fourths of the way open.” Left Side Broken finger I broke my index finger on a camping trip. I was holding a football for my midget uncle to kick. He kicked my finger instead and broke the tiny bone in it. Later on […]


Question Authority: Matt Field

07.22.2005 //

Question Authority Matt Field A lot of my friends think I’m a jock because I stretch a lot before I skate. I guess it does look kinda funny, but I heard that stretching makes you a better skater. Is this true? It seems to feel a lot more flowy. Is yoga just a hippie thing? […]


The List: Daewon Song

07.21.2005 //

The List: Daewon Song Manuals Daewon hasn’t done, but probably will soon 1. Nollie 360 flip nose wheelie to nollie 360 flip out. 2. Fakie double flip fakie manual, fakie double flip out. 3. Howard heelflip to manual, frontside 180 to fakie manual to Howard heelflip out. 4. Nollie gazelle heel to manual, backside 180 […]


What About Bob?

07.21.2005 //

What About Bob? The Puleo Interview Words: Alex Klein Photos: Frankie Unlike many pros, you won’t find Bobby Puleo in a Southern California schoolyard. You won’t find him in a parking lot, straining to learn the newest, hottest trick. You won’t find Bobby at the X Games and you certainly won’t find him as a […]

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