10 Best Acting Performances in Skate Videos

07.22.2003 //

Acting in a skateboard video is about as crucial as the plot line in a porno. While they may not be winning Academy Awards any time soon, over the years a couple of key performances remain steadfastly implanted in skateboarding’s collective consciousness. In no particular order, here are our picks for the 10 best acting […]


15 Things You Didn't Know About Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

07.08.2003 //

1. Tony Hawk negotiated with two other game developers before signing on to Activision, one of which made the Thrasher game. When Activision approached him with a rough draft for THPS, Tony saw that they were on the right track. Tony signed on under the condition that he would be heavily involved in its creation. […]



07.08.2003 //

Darrell on Peter: “I met Peter back in the day. He used to come down to Houston and skate with me, or I’d go up to Oklahoma to skate with him. One time when everyone came out to Houston for Make-a-Wish, afterwards everyone went to this club called Numbers. Peter’s the only guy in the […]


15 Things You Didn't Know About Ed Templeton

06.25.2003 //

1. Ed Templeton has suffered six concussions. Five of those have come since he broke his neck in the summer of ’00. After his last concussion, earlier this year, Ed consulted a specialist to make sure he was not at risk of causing permanent damage. For liability reasons, NHL players are barred from their league […]


The List – July '03

06.25.2003 //

READ BETWEEN THE LINES 10 recurring statements and what they really mean: 1. Statement: "He lets his skating do the talking." Translation: He possesses no social skills whatsoever. 2. Statement: "What happens on tour stays on tour." Translation: Everyone slept with a hooker. 3. Statement: "It wasn’t about who did what, where, and when." Translation: […]


Seven Deadly Sins

05.14.2003 //

Tim O’Connor’s “The Other Most Hated Tricks that Were Forgotten About” I read The 10 Most Hated Tricks article, from April ’03 issue of Skateboarder, and was immediately alarmed when I saw how many tricks were forgotten to be hated on. I couldn’t let these other tricks get off the hook so easily so I […]


15 Things You Didn't Know About "Sorry"

05.08.2003 //

1. The first trick filmed, that made it into Sorry, was Geoff Rowley’s lipslide down the double-kink in Laguna, in ’97. The last trick filmed, just days before the May 21, ’02 premiere, was Tom Penny’s line at the Belmont ledges in Long Beach. 2. Ali Boulala tried to ollie the 25-stair on two separate […]


15 Things You Didn't Know About Embarcadero

04.29.2003 //

1. For years, the world famous San Francisco skate spot Embarcadero has been wrongly referred to as “EMB.” In fact, EMB is the acronym for the locals that skated there. EMB stands for “Embarco’s Most Blunted.” Confuse the two again, and you’re getting a ‘bow to the head. 2. Furthermore, the locals called Embarcadero “Embarco,” […]

Video – DC VIDEO Trailer (qt) No Image

Video – DC VIDEO Trailer (qt)

04.21.2003 //


Crashing the Tour Van

04.02.2003 //

It’s almost a rite of passage. As many times as it happens, you’d think something might change. But, year after year, it never fails. The wide-open road, inexperienced drivers, and all the bad decisions of youth-it’s an insurer’s nightmare. From minor fender benders to life-threatening crashes, skateboarding has seen it all. The following are some […]


How Much Do Pro Skaters Make?

03.11.2003 //

Posted: 2003. Next time the parents bitch at you about wasting time on a skateboard, tell them to hold up for a second. Unless they’re transplanting hearts or running Microsoft, pro skateoarders might just be raking in more cash than their blue-collar asses. It’s big pimpin’ time in 2000 for plenty of your favorite pros, […]

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Contact Us

12.16.2002 //

We want to make sure your questions & concerns get properly addressed. Please take a moment to figure out exactly who you need to contact. Subscription Concerns: Manage your subscription online click here Back Issues: Order Back Issues Online New Subscriptions: click here SKATEBOARDER MAGAZINE: Editor/Photo Editor Jaime Owens jaime@skateboardermag.com Associate Editor Christian Senrud christian@skateboardermag.com […]

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