Parking It with JT Aultz

By: | Wednesday, August 22, 2012 //

Osiris is starting a new monthly skatepark video series called Parking It. The first rider is JT Aultz skating his local warm up spot Poway Skatepark.

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  • Gaurav

    I don’t think MW will die but it has already taursmnted into far more of an ad-driven cop out. It no longer does those wonderful long features and if you notice, the decent writers have gradually disappeared. Gentleman is very unlikely to come together again. The two blokes who ran it fell out and one of them, who has a real talent for finding unusual writers is now running Wisden Asia. Sambit’s strike rate at this is truly exceptional and I’ll watch anything he does with interest. The other one, who IMHO, had the really unusual ideas has disappeared but I think part of his final settlement with Express involved keeping the title. Rajeeb, if you’re out there somewhere and you read this, please get in touch!! DD