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  • Shameer

    There’s Bashcroft in this mag? I’ll probably not going to pick it up then. I don’t think Bashcroft is that bad in roiertpng about Japanese culture in general it seemed he actually knows JPOP culture very well and watches actual TV shows in Japan. He just has this just very anti-otaku views; he doesn’t belong in a mag called Otaku USA.Given the amount of hatred he has for idolm@ster and other otaku game properties, I’d say that Bashcroft probably doesn’t even like HD, as he’s likely to laugh at those who attend Comiket (that’s you, Shingo).Bashcroft, I’m sure you’re a pretty cool buy, but you’re an Otaku-basher. I think Otaku USA would be better off without you. You should start writing about general gaijin-related articles for sites like Japan Today rather than focusing on Gaming/Otaku culture Your holier-than-thou attitude toward otaku-ism is really annoying.