Ronson Lambert Exclusive Interview

By: | Tuesday, May 4, 2010 //

Photos: Chris Ortiz
Interview: Chris Nieratko

Though he may not look like it, Ronson is a wizard. On his board, it’s a little more obvious with his magical combo tricks on ledges and rails, but he somehow manages to transfer those powers into his life when he’s not skateboarding. Like picking up chicks. Ronson’s sorcery has claimed an array of conquests from the lasses of Alaska, to Chargers cheerleaders, and even into the ever alluring land of the MILF. Ronson’s spells spill over into every aspect of his life. So get comfy and prepare yourself for a journey into the mind of a magician as Chris Nieratko sits down with Ronson to find out about his mind tricks, his Tijuana adventures, the Plan B fallout and if he’s really related to Chris Lambert.- Christian Senrud

Backside 5-0, Krooked grind to Backside 5-0.

Shovit Bluntslide, Frontside Shovit.

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Tailslide Hardflip.

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