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  • Dennis

    Where is my board at?

  • cory

    she can ride my deck…

  • Vernon Andrés Hughes


  • Adult Female

    Idiots with small minds, and small well, whatever. Boy’s world? Most women, girls maybe, but women aren’t interested in “skater boys”. And just to make a point I will say, even though it is obvious to all, these photos/videos are for “the boys” to “get off” to, but with such narrow minds, why boys, I’m not a lesbian, but if I was, why not girls too. Boys World it right. Mentally immature little boys, create, and market to other boys! Ads needed, real live females not interested in anything but taking the money for the work, Bye bye boys! Kiss your money good byeeeeee

    • Dahlgren

      “Adult” female?

    • Skater WOMAN

      I’m married to a “skater boy” more like a skater man and I’m definitely a woman. 26 years old and husband is 28. We’ve both been into skating for well over 13 years so what your post is implying is bias and ignorant. I think these picture are stylish and fresh. This style is what is “in” in the skater world. Do I wear it? No because it’s too damn expensive and since hubby and I are old school we get our gear at thrift stores.

    • rob

      funny…i watched the advert..thought…nice music…pretty ladies…cool shorts….not “look at that exploited sexuality for immature minds etc etc….” jeepers your life must be so sad to think like that….just relax and try and take in all the beaauty around rather than beat yourself up that you wasnt given any….yours maybe on the inside…try n find it…you may get more happiness out of your life when you see positives instead of always looking for negatives….i feel sorry for you….you need something happpy in your life.


    wow, what a pretentious bitch an adult female is.

    • disqus_bv7HDCn6c2

      Well if you like boys then don’t look!

    • Conservative Rebel

      You have to be gay.


    adult female is on her period.

    • Adult Female

      Oh poor Boy, you took it personal, I meant the site was targeting immature boys, and being small minded, to those with like minds, and YOU responded. If the shoe fits? And your comments are so intelligent….all you got is on period? Because women have an obvious outward sign of hormones they are vulnerable. If I was a child, I might feel insulted, or threatened, but I’m not a child, and you are unable to deal with an Adult Female with mature objective reply. This just supports what I said. Small mind. It appears you don’t like adult females? Do you know what the word pretentious means? Actually that would describe this site. But you identify with it, so I’ve insulted you. Get your own identity and no one, this site, or comments will threaten your masculinity. expand your reading material, knowledge, and social ability and you may grow up nicely. Best of luck.

      • WiseOne

        Adult female, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?
        I think something is itching. See about getting it “scratched.”
        Or maybe Adult = over-the-hill and no longer desirable.

      • Jean Valjean

        Shouldn’t you be making some poor fool a sandwich?

      • rob

        why do I have the feeling your not happy with your life or how you look?

    • disqus_bv7HDCn6c2

      Oh…Peter likes boys…

  • Johnathan Aulabaugh


  • Richard Vasquez

    Nice. What every young boy wants for Christmas.

  • Deepsea

    Adult Female, get BACK in the kitchen and make me a sandwich

    • yiddishlion

      Get back in the kitchen because you ARE the sandwich.

    • Conservative Rebel

      I wish I was the sandwich!

  • Valdoria

    Would never buy from this sexist company

    • Robotopia

      What’s wrong with ‘sexist’… Just REALITY… There are,after all TWO sexes…
      ( FOUR IF you count the likes of Rosie O’Donnell and Elton John… 8 p )

    • Dave_Mowers

      …because being sexy is somehow unnatural or evil. Like being smart, or being pretty or talented or whatever. Please, if there is a “god” please let it send an asteroid to wipe out the human race; we suck. Time for insects to build a better earth.

    • Bubba Loo

      Says the sexist one. There’s an old saying, “it takes one to know one, bubba.”

    • Conservative Rebel

      HAHA! Jealous much?

  • ObeyTheDoberman

    Great magazine for Boy Skaters! Right, I’m sure the boys love it. If Boy’s World was really serious about skateboarding, the models would not be in the publication. They magazine makes their money this way – not because of the info – but because
    of the pictures of the models. Guys are guys and magazines will do whatever they need to get their magazines sold. I would not want my kid getting that magazine.

  • ObeyTheDoberman

    I think skateboarding is wonderful for both sexes. It gives all a good outlet for doing a sport. Everyone needs to have something to enjoy. Happy skateboarding guys here!

  • True Believer

    See but don’t touch! Cool models, good for appetite enrichment. Real men or boys know how to utilize the beauty of creations. Good luck staring! May the Almighty have mercy on us.

  • fappal

    So sexy…


      U ALSO



  • jbII

    Could be that skater boys are finally growing up.

  • Dale Tisdale

    So sad. Boys being exploited by capitalist!

  • kitty1228

    I’m more bothered by the lack of artistic talent in the photography than the blatant sexualization of a toy.

  • naykid55

    Refreshing to not see little tattooed War-Whores plastered all over….

  • Jim

    anybody know what the name of that song in the video is?

  • Conservative Rebel

    Model: Amanda Mondale…..WOW!