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  • Frank

    A nice example of how creative and resourceful most jaded airheads in fashion industry really are – namely, not a fucking bit!

  • justin forbes

    the Phillips’ are a not only one of a kind artists who ARE santa cruz and have pioneered their style and look, but they are both classy, timeless and very kind people. It would take a lot to upset them. I completely support them. THis is not andy warhol or a compliment. It is a lazy, unoriginal hack fashion dorks idea of latching onto a culture he doesn’t know anything about. And hey, his clothes dont even look like they fit right, or are decent cuts!! I hope he learns his lesson and is publicly shamed.

  • Nicole Hanson

    Dear Jimbo-I would not take this lying down if I were you. Were those designs copyrighted at all? Is what he did even legal? I would make him destroy the entire line. Yeah, you could make him cough up some dough, but who want’s to be associated with someone like that. Stealing art work is like stealing someone’s soul.

    Best of Luck, Nicole

  • jose

    i think once this dispute is over you should come out with those crew neck sweaters tho.. they would be sick if they had your art on them!!

  • Affewheld

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