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  • Spooge King

    Great video! But who ever picked that song needs to be shot in the face.

  • whats good wit that guy?

    what are you talking about dude? that song went perfect!!

  • Big Rigg

    Good crew, sick skating and rad song. don’t trip fool!

  • dick bagginson

    yeah that song was good. go mop up some spooge fool.

    sick ass crew too

  • M

    What´s the name of the song anyways?

  • Spooge King

    Wow. I pitty the current state of music is skateboarding if you all think that song is good…maybe my alter ego; DJ Super Annoying Snake Charmer, needs to make a comeback and create the shittiest music on earth for people with no taste. I’ll be rich and you all will be lonely and alone….

  • Vinnie the Kid

    “wow i pity the current state…” Hey faggot get over yourself. people like different music than you. come down off your faggot cloud of judgement and maybe you’ll actually enjoy something for once.