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  • fasdfsad

    olson rockin janoski’s?

  • jim

    ^ you havent heard?

  • jay

    you guys suck for not letting us dl this. maybe i want it on my phone?

  • Eric Benson

    24p. Why?

  • zorba the hut

    eldridge footage is the best!

  • quan

    fuck pro skateboarding. i’m spending hardearned money on product and gear with mariano’s name on it, and in turn he uses his royalty checks to rent out a private warehouse that I AM NOT ALOUD TO SKATE. is there something wrong with this situation or am i just crazy? i’m sick and fucking tired of it.

  • renderful

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with renting a private warehouse. I’d do the same thing if I had the money. Not sure why him being a pro/you supporting him being a pro makes it any different, than if he were a non-pro who rented a warehouse. It’s entirely fair, as he has worked for it.

  • joe

    anyone know the name of the song playing and who sings it???????

  • Pubes

    LOL Quan you mad! What are you, Canadian?

  • Web based EMR

    WOW!!!!!! This video is really awesome. I like it most.

  • Lee

    Joe, “Hot Chocolate – Everyone’s a Winner”.

  • Burns

    Was Eldridge wearing MJ selects?

  • emmanuel

    saludos a los marianos….


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