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  • Stickins Lame

    I agree, he is amazing but, I would rather watch a todd falcon video than p- rod at a contest. I don’t understand how you can be that good and look so terrible at a contest. The back and forth, stop, turn around shit is so hard to watch.

  • P Rod

    Lets see you do better. Critics aren’t real people, but spectators sitting back comfortably not amounting to anything.

  • tristen

    when Mo snaps his board after the back three hahahahaha

  • Stickins Lame

    Hi P-rod, I couldn’t even begin to do better. You are right, I am simply a spectator. And as a spectator I have noticed that if you simply stayed on your board, flowed through the course, didn’t step off, turn around, go back in the same direction, you would win everything. It’s like you go out of your way to kill your style. How is it that no one has ever told you this?

  • Brandon Tyson

    doesnt matter P-rod win or lose your still the best man. keep on skating