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  • Big Rigg

    so sick, cant wait to see whats next?

  • lazaro ponce

    como donacion nesesito una tabla nueba la puede enviar a esta direcion en santa monica 2624 lncocolll

  • zilla

    rad video. too bad the video player is so terrible that it glitched, hung & jerked through the whole thing. i would probably have come back to watch it again & sent it to friends but with the horrible video player i won’t be doing either. and i used to like Skateboarder a lot… GET A SIMPLER VIDEO PLAYER!

  • Amy

    Okay, so I am not a skater, and in 76′ girls were run off the turf, so what ever happened to riding the street wave? This guy is technically perfect there is no bend, he just straight up and down, go for it, no riding the dragon, man turn stall, dive, wobble is to live, to breathe, maybe he needs to learn to Cessna.

  • Jaime Owens

    Hey Zilla,
    All you had to say was, “Hey guys, it’s not working for me. Can you send me another link or something? I’d love to check it out.” That would have worked out nicely for you. Instead, you were a dick.

  • mattymays

    hi merry xmas to all of you – matt-mays

  • joaquin Velasco

    what were some of the songs playing?