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  • Jeremy Morgan – Street Science

    Damn, sick Brad.

  • johnsmith


  • Missie

    Ungrateful bitches! Germans are not inovlved in combat with ISAF in Afghanistan, The Netherlands and Canada (and Britain but there are flags) are fighting and dying and not a dutch nor canadian flag in the piece of trash. Next time you start a fucking war and then abandone it to the few unwilling allies that are willing to help, go fuck yourselves.

  • Kiki

    75mm wheels are fine and will only bite if the trckus are too loose. My 69mm S9 wheels bit new when too loose from the store. Tighten until 3 threads show! The underside of the Sandwedge is milled out to give clearance for the wheels. It’s a drop-thru design to get the board lower to the ground, so you’ll have to take the trckus apart to install. It’s pretty simple.

  • Alex Mortensein

    Amazing Flow