Supra’s Three Amigos Tour Teaser

By: | Thursday, March 17, 2011 //

A short mix of warm-up clips including SUPRA team riders Furby, Spencer Hamilton, Horsey, Cody McEntire, Boo Johnson, Keelan Dadd and JS Lapierre while in Dallas, Texas during the Three Amigos Tour.

Supra 3 Amigos Teaser from SUPRA Footwear on Vimeo.

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  • Auth

    Really, seems to me the ricers are the beiggst pussy’s around, mostly little bed wetters ridin around in mommy’s hand me down rice turd with some christmas lights glued underneath and a fart can muffler, the supra did .98 on the 300 and .95 on the 200 but with proper mods like a panhard bar and some bigger sways a fox body can pull over 1g and with the money you save over just the price of a used supra you can buy a nice bike too, the supra looks nice but its not worth the price.

  • Marylou

    I see way too many 7 sencod,8 sencod, and 9 sencod mustangs at the strip that are also daily drivers and for the money spent the mustang is a much better car to build and they can be set up to carve out the curves, the supra is too peaky with only 3.0 liters and they tend to get loose on the road course, supras are really only any good in a straight line and even then they cost more than thier worth, for the same money you can build a faster mustang that has mid range trackability.