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“I don’t know why, but I’m always happy for some reason.”

Average Days
I always call my friend Uriel and he comes and picks me up. We go to Hawthorne skatepark and usually just skate around until 9 when the lights get cut off. We’re usually there from 2 till 9, then I’ll head home and hopefully my sister made a nice meal.

Vid Kid
When I’m not skating, I just watch a bunch of new videos. The And Now video with Kenny Hoyle, David Gravette, Sean Malto, and Nick Trapasso, I’ve been watching that regularly since I got it. Some other favorites are the Habitat video, Inhabitants, Fully Flared, Baker Has a Deathwish, and I’d say eSpecial.

Just Cuz
I’ve been skating for about four years, I think. My cousin always skated, and one time I was hanging out with him and he was, like, “Yeah, come outside and I’ll teach you how to skate.” He let me borrow his board for a couple hours and I started getting the hang of it a little bit. He gave me a board and I just started skating somehow, skating out in front of the house and kept at it.

The Loner Non-Stoner
Nobody in my family really did any smoking or drinking growing up. Well, some people in my family did, but I wasn’t really around it at the time. It kind of blends in when I’m with the other guys on Baker. It can get a little hard when I’m the lone dude. When I’m at the Baker house and everyone’s doing stuff, I’ll just go hop on the Internet or throw in a skate video.

Making the grade
I start home school in about a week, been doing that for about six months. It lets me do more skating. When I was going to school for a bit, it was hard to keep up on the work and stuff, so I was asking to get home schooled for like a year and finally my family let me do it. They wish I was still in school, but they kind of understand that it’s a little bit better. They kind of know what’s going on a little bit now and can see.

Boss Boxes
Skating at my local skatepark, Hawthorne skatepark, I was just cruising around with a couple friends and Andrew Reynolds was there with Dustin Dollin, Braydon, and Flip, who’s flow for Baker. I was cruising around and Drew was, like, “Yeah, you’re a cool kid. I want to hook you up with some boards.” Then I was, like, “Sure!” I was psyched. I didn’t even know what to say. So he sent me out a box and, like, a week later I was out skating with my friends and he called me and said they were going to swing by to pick me up so I could start filming for the Baker 3 video. I worked on that and got some things for that before it was over. I was psyched to be a part of it.

Tour Craze
The Baker tour was great, like a three-week trip where we all got footage and everybody had fun. The best stop was Lincoln, Nebraska. There was this big four that we all skated and everybody got a trick on it before we got kicked out. The craziest thing I saw on the trip was, I would say, when Drew varial heeled this big six.

Picture Me Rollin’
My sister just got me the driver’s handbook. She wants me to read that, so I’ve been reading that a little bit, going over the driving rules and stuff. So hopefully by next year I’ll be driving. It’d be nice if I could save up enough money to get a car. That would be cool.

Easy Beasley
I was raised up in a positive atmosphere and I just try to stay away from all the craziness. I don’t know why, but I’m always happy for some reason, just psyched to be skating. A lot of people say I’m positive, but I don’t know why. That’s just how I am, I don’t know.

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  • Masta

    Hey Ben, Thanks for the feadbeck. I was mainly using my Sigma 70-210mm 2.8. My settings were varied as the day panned out, shooting to the right’ helps heaps with high contrast. I saw you photos on , good effort! The main thing I’d keep an eye on is trying to include the landing area in the frame, it helps keep everything in context. Good stuff bro, will see you at the Nationals.