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  • Ol’Dirty

    Hell yeah… Beach is fuckin’ legit! Can’t wait to see some new footy from that dude.

  • enrique.enciso

    i like what he says you can skate your whole life if you want fucking great

  • Dork nasty

    beach is the shit!

  • Big Rigg

    Skate mental, Skate forever!!

  • Skateandannoy

    Beach is one of my most under- rated skaters of all time. Really looking forward to some new photos and footage of him soon. Keep it up Skateboarder!

  • GetShrunk

    Matt is such a rad skateboarder on and off his board! I hope photos of Beach start popping up in Skateboarder!

  • Perapat

    Back the truck up here! The Internet may be taking away a lot of elblaeys from magazines and newspapers (e.g. the Boston Globe) but this type of writing is getting out of hand. It would be fair to say that in recent years, even with the Internet, there has been a proliferation of new magazine titles. In fact half of them seem to be about the Internet! The history of magazine and newspaper publishing is littered with births and deaths, and the occasional resurrection. It is a natural economic and business cycle. Let’s face it most magazines are published because someone thinks they can do it better than existing titles and/or they can take that advertising revenue. How many fashion, gossip, computer, or business magazines do we need. While diversity of opinion is important, more isn’t necessarily better. Part of the problem is around quality and part is around the demands made by the large publishers on their businesses for profits and growth and so the smaller companies get squeezed on the ad sales and their economics are turned upside down. I read magazines across music, the Internet, business, and economics and I simply don’t have the time to read all the titles I would like to. Nor could I afford to buy them all. And when would I get to read books!It is always sad to see good titles disappear but hopefully the good writers will show up in other places. Good to see Wired UK back up, I enjoy the American one.