Tuesday 25


The Tuesday 25 with Nestor Judkins

05.31.2011 //

Enjoi’s newest professional picks 25 favorites


The Tuesday 25 with Ben Gore

05.24.2011 //

Stereo Sound Agency lists his favorites for this week’s Tuesday 25


The Tuesday 25 with Ben Raemers

05.17.2011 //

Boy genius Ben Raemers picks his favorites for this week’s Tuesday 25


Tuesday 25 with Jake Donnelly

05.10.2011 //

Jake blew the whistle for his Since Day One part. Now he chimes in with 25 favorites.


Tuesday 25 with Pat Duffy

04.04.2011 //

One of Plan B’s finest takes the Tuesday 25 quiz.


Zach Lyons Tuesday 25

03.22.2010 //

1. DC local: Brian Tucci, duh 2. Warm up spot: Pulaski! 3. Pulaski memory: 4th of July this past year with all the Kayo guys and all of my friends going nuts! 4. Organika dude: KSW, he’s the best dude 5. ’09 Video part: Jack Sabback Moving in Traffic 6. Video part of all time: […]


The Tuesday 25 with Austyn Gillette

01.28.2010 //

1. Habitat teammate: Tim O’Connor 2. Song (currently): “Canadian Girl” by The Walkmen 3. Video part from the past year: Jeff Chikami in Morse Code 4. Video part ever: Evan Schiefelbine 5. Author: Kurt Vonnegut 6. Movie quote: “Once again our stomachs were sluggish with goat meat”


The Tuesday 25 with Aaron Jaws Homoki

01.12.2010 //

1. Memory from making A Happy Medium: Staying up all night and skating till the sun rises. 2. Fred Gall experience: Following him around in a casino 3. ’09 Video Part: Grant Taylor in the Nike video 4. Song from a skate video: The Proclaimers: “I Would Walk 500 Miles”["I'm Gonna Be"] in Dying to […]


The Tuesday 25 with Chris Roberts

12.08.2009 //

1. City for skating: Barcelona 2. Skate video: Chomp 2 3. Actor/Actress: Zooey Deschanel 4. Band/musician: Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros 5. Skatepark: Berrics 6. Restaurant: Aunt Kizzy


The Tuesday 25 with Levi Brown

12.01.2009 //

1. AZ Skater: You mean Skaters! Jesse Plumb, Marty Murawski and Micah Hollinger are always the best. 2. Skate Video: Sole (coming soon(maybe)) 3. Skate state: AZ 4. Skate video part: Jerrod Saba in the Toebock vid Don’t Act Famous 5. Skate Camp Memory: Getting drunk at the bottom of the mountain and deciding it […]


The Tuesday 25 with Danny Montoya

11.24.2009 //

1. City for skating: Bogota with good friends 2. Skate video: Love Child 3. Skate spot: Anywhere with a good crew that makes you laugh. 4. Band/musician: Right now, Mayor Hawthorne 5. Thing about Long Beach: The Eastside 6. Breakfast spot: Nick’s Deli. Breakfast Burrito hot add sour cream. 7. Thing to cook: Black beans […]


The Tuesday 25 with Adelmo Jr.

11.17.2009 //

1. Question to be asked about your hair: How long have you been growing your hair for? 2. Warm up trick: 180s 3. Song from a skate video: Gino and Keenan in Mouse 4. Brazillian Skateboarder: Fbio Cristiano 5. Thing about Aracaju: Family roots vibes 6. Thing about California: Skate spots all around 7. Question […]

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