Tuesday 25


The Tuesday 25 with Mikey Taylor

11.10.2009 //

1. City for skating: Kansas City 2. Skate video when you were a kid: Mouse 3. Pro when you were a kid: Eric Koston 4. Band/musician: Nirvana 5. Thing about Newbury Park: NP sucks, but it’s home! 6. Restaurant: Corrales 7. Skatepark: The Berrics 8. City Stars memory: We drove up to Canada in an […]


The Tuesday 25 with Luan De Oliveira

11.03.2009 //

1. City for skating: Porto Alegre 2. Skate video when you were a kid: 411 3. Pro when you were a little kid: Nilton Neves 4. Band/musician: Jay-Z 5. Thing about Brazil: The food 6. Thing about coming to stay in California: Hanging out with my new friends. 7. Skatepark: Iapi in Porto Alegre 8. […]


The Tuesday 25 with Johnny Layton

10.20.2009 //

1. City for skating:


The Tuesday 25 with Rob Welsh

10.13.2009 //

1. Movie: The Shawshank Redemption 2. Wu-Tang song: “C.R.E.A.M” 3.Brand of smokes: Newports 4.New England sports team: Red Sox 5.West Coast sports team: Giants 6. Aesthetics rider: Kevin Taylor 7. Thing about Portland Maine: Regular Italian sandwich 8. Thing about SF: Sunset District 9. Thing about AZ: Concrete parks 10. Thing to Tweet: Not sure, […]


The Tuesday 25 with Spencer Hamilton

10.06.2009 //

1. Warm up trick: No-comply 2. Car: I hate cars. 3. Actor/Actress: Ryan Sheckler 4. Skate video: Ian Reed’s video 5. Song from a skate video: “Haunted and Nervous” by Sizzla (John Cardiel in Sight Unseen) 6. Restaurant: Salsa Agave (Mexican) 7. Beverage: Tuborg 8. Skatepark: Plaza 9. Shoe: Cubans (Supra) 10. Skate site: SKATENEWSPOT.com […]


The Tuesday 25 with Danny Garcia

09.29.2009 //

1. City for skating: Fullerton 2. Skate video: 20 Shot Sequence 3. Pro when you were a kid: Ronnie Bertino 4. Band: The Band 5. Solo musician: Townes Van Zandt 6. Restaurant: Rutabegorz 7. Actor/Actress: Edward James Olmos 8. Holiday: Halloween 9. Quote: “The big print giveth, and the small print taketh away” 10. Place […]


The Tuesday 25 with Chad Tim Tim

09.22.2009 //

1. City for skating: Long Beach!!! 2. Skate video: Vintage: Mouse. Present: Alien Video 3. Actor/Actress: Philip Seymour Hoffman (Crocodile Tears!) 4. Band/musician: I like Music! 5. Skatepark: Wilmington park is fun, Eldo I call home! 6. Restaurant: Houstons have the best Ribs! 7. Video game: All the OG Nintendo games Zelda and Metroid 8. […]


The Tuesday 25 with Chany Jeanguenin

09.15.2009 //

1. Vert Trick Backside air 2. Street Trick Back Smith. I can’t do them though. 3. Thing to do when you go back to Switzerland Chill with the fam, eat fondue, doors sight seeing, play petanque. 4. Swiss Skateboarder My homies Sebastien Baragnai , Miguel Alzate, Micky Iglesias , Olie Burgin, Juanito Pizzaro, and Pie […]


The Tuesday 25 with Cairo Foster

09.08.2009 //

1. City for skating: Back then it’d be SF. Nowadays, it’d have to be pretty much any major downtown metropolis. Just as long as I can hit the streets w/o too much hassle for security, cops, building owners, etc. 2. Pro skater when you were a kid: I was backing Rick Howard, pretty heavily back […]


The Tuesday 25 with Kyle Leeper

09.01.2009 //

1. City for skating: Carlsbad 2. Skate video: Sk8 Mafia 3. Actor/Actress: Ben Kingsley 4. Band/musician: Dinosaur Jr 5. Skatepark: Etnies indoor 6. Restaurant: Leucadia Sushi 7. Video game: Balloon Fight 8. Holiday: Cinco de Mayo 9. Quote: “Know when to say when.


The Tuesday 25 with Leo Romero

08.25.2009 //

1. City for skating: Fontana 2. Pro skater when you were a kid: H K 3. Actor/Actress: Patrick Swayze 4. Band/Musician: Leo Kottke 5. Skatepark: Wheel park 6. Partner in crime: Bradford, when the pants lets him out that is. 7. Question you get asked at a demo: “Can I suck your dick?” 8. Restaurant: […]


The Tuesday 25 with Joey Brezinski

08.18.2009 //

Tuesday 25 with Joey Brezinski 1. City for skating: Venice, I just open my door and go skate. 2. Skate video: Modus Operandi 3. Actor/Actress: Natalie Portman. HOT! 4. Band/musician: Wu-Tang, ODB 5. Skatepark: Street Skate 6. Restaurant: Hooters 7. Video game: EA Skate 2, soon 3 8. Holiday: 4th of July 9. Quote:

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