Tuesday 25


The Tuesday 25 With Mike Anderson

08.11.2009 //

Mike Anderson: 1. City for skating:


The Tuesday 25 with Darrell Stanton

08.04.2009 //

Darrell Stanton 1. City for skating Los Angeles 2. Pro skater when you were a kid: Lavar Mcbride 3. Actor/Actress


The Tuesday 25 with Braydon Szafranski

07.28.2009 //

1. City for skating: Las Vegas 2. Skate video: Jump of a Building Toy Machine 3. Actor/Actress: Danny McBride 4. Band/musician: Von Scott AC/DC years 5. Skatepark: Desert Breeze in LV 6. Restaurant: Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles 7. Video game: OG Super Mario Brothers 8. Holiday: Halloween 9. Quote: “Not here for a long time. […]


Jose Rojo Tuesday 25

07.21.2009 //

1. City for skating: San Jose 2. Pro skater when you were a kid: Eric Koston and Rick Howard 3. Actor/Actress: Patrick Swayze and Crispin Glover 4. Band/musician: Michael Jackson RIP 5. Skatepark: Da Red Park in SJ 6. Fishing spot: Clear Lake and the Sacramento Delta 7. Question you get asked at a demo: […]


The Tuesday 25 with Andrew Brophy

07.14.2009 //

1. City for skating: London, Barcelona, Melbourne, San Fran. 2. Pro skater when you were a kid: Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Huf, Brian Anderson 3. Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp 4. Band/musician: like them all 5. skate park: Prahran in Melbourne! other than that, the streets 6. Beverage: water or beer 7. non skate activity: fishing 8. […]


The Tuesday 25 Mark Appleyard

07.07.2009 //

Tuesday 25 for July 7th: Mark Appleyard1. City for skating: Barcelona 2. skate video: Trilogy 3. Actor/Actress: Will Farrell 4. Band/musician: Bob Dylan 5. skatepark: The Berrics 6. restaurant: Shabu Shabu 7. Video game: EA Skate 2 8. Holiday: Canada Day 9. Quote: “Do what you want and don’t do what you don’t want” 10. […]


The Tuesday 25 with Daryl Angel

06.29.2009 //

1. City for skating SJ 2. Pro skater when you were a kid? MJ, Aaron Vandenbulk Edward Devera 3. Actor/Actress RIP Farrah Fawcett 4. Band/musician at the moment Beach House 5. Video part Jake Johnson 6. Place to eat: Kazoo’s, Talaque paque, Krung thai,Original Joe’s 7. Video game.. Don’t Play 8. Warm up spot? RedPark […]


The Tuesday 25 with Danny Brady

06.23.2009 //

Danny Brady’s Favorite: 1. City for skating London/New York 2. Pro skater when you were a kid Tim O’ Connor 3. Actor/Actress Moya Brady 4. Band/musician at the moment The Last Mr. Bigg 5. Video part Chewy Cannon – Diagonal/ All of Mindfield 6. Board game Monopoly 7. Video game Call of Duty 8. Pick […]


The Tuesday 25 with Pat Stiener

06.16.2009 //

Pat Stiener – 25 1. City for skating : New York 2. Skate company as a kid Alien Workshop 3. Actor/Actress Bill Murray 4. Band/musician at the moment Bradford Cox 5. Video part Danny Renaud Mosaic 6. Board game Scrabble 7. Video game Boogerman, Zombies ate my Neighbor, NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat 2 Sega Classics […]


The Tuesday 25 with Raymond Molinar

06.02.2009 //

1.City for skating San Francisco 2.Skate video Mouse, Photosynthesis and Quim Cardona in Real’s Non-Fiction 3.skatepark My old box across the street from my parents’ house in Riverside. 4. Vacation Destination Yellowstone National Park. 5. movie the Wrestler 6. Skate Rapper whatever works. 7. Warm Up Spot Fort Miley 8. Partner in crime No one […]


The Tuesday 25 with Walker Ryan

05.19.2009 //

Walker Ryan’s Favorite: 1. Comedian Eddie Murphy in the Delirious days. Not now. 2. College class African American Prison Literature 3. SD Burrito spot Super Bronco-Linda Vista 4. Local park Snatch 5. John Lupfer story Anytime he gets gnarly on a skateboard 6. Fast food chain Rubios 7. Recent video part Jaime Palmore-Sk8mafia video 8. […]

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