Tyler Hendley Joins Forest Skateboards

By: | Friday, August 21, 2009 //

FOREST SKATEBOARDS, Is proud to announce our new pro Tyler Hendley!


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  • http://myspace.com/forestskateboards ME

    This guy Tyler is good, but this company blows hard. It was started by two snowboarding/surfing kids who used their daddy’s money to start an “action sports” brand (Red Letter Industries). They only care about the bandwagon and populartiy of “extreme” sports and Ryan Sheckler and know nothing about real underground skateboarding! DO NOT SUPPORT THEM. I do give them credit for the effort, but you need to put in the time ans passion into skating before you can live it. There is another forest skateboards based in Louisiana that was started by two real dudes who only want to contribute to their local scene.

    Keep it 100% skateboarding!

  • Realdeal101

    you again. you are a duesche!!! riding fabrizio and tyler’s coat tail and showing up on every blog site and talking crap. that is real skateboarding?? get a life and go try a kickflip hater