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  • deepboat

    Why am I seeing people on here skating without safety equipment? Does anybody actually think this is a good idea? I don’t think that safety equipment that fits correctly and feels comfortable in any way lessens a riders ability to skate and/or make tricks. Am I incorrect in thinking this? Even if it can be argued that safety equipment restricts riders abilities, and even it there is some truth in that, the restrictions are equal amongst all the riders who wear it.
    It has taken such a long time for skateboarding to come back from those days when all the skateparks were bulldozed to the way things are now, where once again we are actually seeing quality skateparks popping up in many places. I have to seriously wonder who made the decision that now it is ok to skate without safety equipment? Was this something that was actually decided upon after careful consideration or was this simply a result of gross oversight? It seems to me that somebody was asleep at the wheel to allow people to skate and be photographed or videotaped at this event, without wearing safety equipment. Like it or not, when you weigh the pro and cons, wearing safety equipment is good for the individual as well as the group, and it is good for the future of skateboarding. Allowing riders to skate in an event like this without safety equipment sets a horrible example. Of all the riders featured in this article there is only one name that I recognize, and that is Christian Hosoi – he is also the only rider in all the photographs that is wearing safety equipment and he has been skating pro for over 30 years – I think that says a lot.

    • DesertRatPunkMetaller

      You can get hurt with pads on too. You can snap an ankle,tweak elbows, tear tendons, dislocate shoulders etc. Bob Burnquist broke his nose on the mega ramp the other day fully padded up, he would of needed a hockey goalie mask in order for that one not to of happened. It’s all personal choice. I would wear pads like Hosoi because like him I’m older and don’t like getting hurt for any period of time.