Vans 2010 Downtown Showdown Photos

By: | Monday, October 4, 2010 //

All Photos by Jonathan Mehring

This past Saturday, Vans invited a grip of talented skateboard enthusiasts out to the Paramount Studios back lot where Black Label, Pretzel Grip (aka Girl/Antihero aka Antiheroine), Zero and Foundation each built an unusual obstacle for a bunch of teams to shred upon. Some of the public was also invited to enjoy the skateboard festivities in addition to free In N Out, some Van Doren-style grilling, drinks, and the general melee that comes along with a skate contest of this magnitude. In the past, Downtown Showdown has proven to be one of the most fun events with classic pros throwing down alongside hardly known flow-mos on weirdo obstacles, and this year’s was no different. Thanks to Vans for throwing this year after year, SPoTlight productions for providing quality play by play and insightful personal commentary as always. Congrats to everybody who walked away with a check and all the teams that designed some truly original obstacles. Until next year…

Black Label’s “Off the Wagon”
1. Chris Cole (Zero) – $2,500
2. Chris Pfanner (Pretzel Grip/Anti-Hero) – $1,500
3. Nick Merlino (Foundation) – $1,000

Pretzel Grip’s “Time Trials Classic”
1. Omar Hassan (Black Label) – $2,500
2. Steven Reeves (Powell Peralta) – $1,500
3. Nolan Munroe (Powell Peralta) – $1,000

Zero’s “Blood Bath”
1. Vincent Alvarez (Pretzel Grip/Chocolate) – $2,500
2. Guillaume Mocqui (Element) – $1,500
3. Tony Trujillo (Pretzel Grip/Anti-Hero) – $1,000

Foundation’s “F’d Up Stair Set”
1. Nick Merlino (Foundation) – $2,500
2. Garrett Hill (Zero) – $1,500
3. Chris Cole (Zero) – $1,000

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