Westgate Week at CCS

By: | Monday, November 15, 2010 //


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  • Tahir

    first off congrats! i know its very exniticg. you dont have to hire a wedding planner. start by going to the knot.com it actually helps well least it will give you a push and start letting you learn about it all and the process that works. the reception and ceremony are on the same day. the day before i s the rehearsal dinner. pictures can be done at anything usually done though with the ceremony and reception. wedding announcements should be done like for the newspapers a couple weeks/months after the wedding proposal. people usually send out little cards in the beginning too that are called save the date cards or some people get magnets. cute to send out. you dont have to if your on a budget thats one of those things you absolutely dont need to have. good ways of saving money? thats a tough one. self control. if you have a beach wedding you then have to think about the weather, the dress code because remember a lot of people are going to be dressed up and you dont want to make them uncomfotable by putting their feet in the sand. good luck on everything you do! most of all, have fun!