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  • PZ

    Thank you guys for all bringing us up-to-date information, videos and photography about the world of skateboarding! S/O to Aaron Smith!

  • JJ

    Dude, severely bummed! Thanks for all the good years, and so sorry to see you guys go.

  • FourBC

    R.I.P. print media! … Thx for all the years u has been published! … see u online!

  • SkeeterDudeMalaysia

    Its a shame to see Skateboarder Magazine go. You guys are awesome. Love from Malaysia.

  • Alex g

    Whats going to happen with he staff ???

  • s4p

    You will be missed… Speaks more to me than most other rags out there…

  • EM

    Remember being super stoked with the arrival of every issue when we were kids. It was a connection to the west coast and what they were doing as well as seeing our friends in the mag. Sad sign of the times to see it go. Guess you can just search YouTube to learn any trick you want these days. Only thing is…I can’t see it being possible to go back and see “Classic” YouTube Skaters. Digital editions on the internet seem to evolve and change; not a true mark that can be referenced in time. So, what will mark the history, great riders, and memorable places to skate. Without the old issues stacked, saved as journals, and windows to look back and see the great riders and rides. Many Thanks to all that contributed and kept Skateboarder Magazine alive for a great ride. You will be missed.

  • roy estillero

    Thanks for all Skateboarder Magazine!

  • Steven Troy Devoe

    Well this really sucks! Printed I can understand but sad to lose my favorite new digital feed. Your contributors moving to other mags or websites? Thanks for everything I am sure some people are busy putting old issues in plastic right about now.

  • Gerard Watts

    Thanks for all the great issues over the years!


    Thank YOU!…all of you at Skateboarder….all good things must end. Thanks for the ride!

  • Vernon Andrés Hughes



    To J.Stone and all the other Skateboarder family….. Thank You for Everything! Much love, well wishes. You guys made skating real again; instead of corporate.

  • Ivan

    Does this mean skating its self is dieing!!?