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  • Chris Durand

    Always wondered what happened to him, great to hear he is doing better and on the way back. Hopefully REAL & DC and still backing him with product.

  • AR

    Respect. That’s why you stick to smoking twist! Keep rolling

  • SL

    You should do a Pappalardo one next,people need to hear what happened with him and cons.

  • Carlos Macais

    Gosh, it’s a bout time. I’ve been wondering where nick’s been. He’s always been my favorite skater. Really bums me out to hear what has been happening to him and his family. I hope the best for them in the near future. Keep shredding nick!

  • nate

    This segment is great. I’m really glad Nick is doing better and shredding again. Boston homies. I’m really sorry to hear about his mom. I hope she will will kick the addiction. Psyched Nick is back on it.

    Please do one of these on Ragdoll soon!

  • Fogy

    crazy… simply crazy… man, hope you get back where you belong – on the fuckin top!

  • chris

    Much luck to you, Nick – with the right attitude there ain’t no stoppin’ you, brother -

  • Ronnie Bertino

    Nick, I wish you the best and appreciate the realness of your situation and how you are handling it. Good luck!

  • JB

    Can we get please Antwuan Dixon on this program?

  • New Bedford

    … Damn dude.

    The stories of you in 2012 here were all over the place. Should have just came to us and said “hey, this is what’s up, I’m not on drugs or steroids or crazy, I just need a little help”.

    We always take care of our own homie.

  • jackie boy

    YEAH NICK KEEP PUSHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Castro

    Fuck dude my last year was kind a similar my dad passed the way start on drugs broke my leg And when to my self all year… Thats fucking shame now i am trying to get back on my own

  • randal

    Nick!! Dude you rip!- Definitely a gifted individual, skateboarding has lost too much talent to drugs and bad decisions. It’s super sick to see you on board.. keep on ripping!

  • Dylan Brown

    Glad to hear he’s back. Great man. Glad he’s still backed by Real and DC.

  • Drew

    Nick, good to see you are being realistic and positive. These things happen from time to time and tend to snowball. You are doing super well and to see you in this candid interview I congratulate you. All the best bro, stay positive and keep skating. Peace.

  • ben

    Balls for laying that down to the internet Nick. I’m a fan. Such great style for doing such gnar spots. Stoked to hear he’s back in the game. Great inspiration for us all in our troubled times. This story made my day

  • FWR

    Been a fan since his part in the real video “Roll Forever”. Glad he’s back!

  • khian neon

    nick my nigga I want u to kno I luv u nigga u my nigga, nigga nigga, I hope 1 day we skate together in Chinatown nigga cuz I luv u my nigga alright peace out nigga

  • Jeremy Wray

    Man, I had no idea about any of this. Glad to hear you are skating through it as best you can. I wish you all the luck in the world. You are a solid dude and have it in you to crush anything in your path. Keep on truckin’ my friend.

  • Jeffri

    I was wondering where you were Nick. Sorry that all of this happen, glad to see you with a smile and getting your shit straight.

  • john

    Yeah nick, that was inspirational. I’m a huge fan and looking forward to seeing some new footage from you. Love your attitude to all this and best of luck with getting back on top. P.S the kick flip (in malaga?) was absolutely crazy, those stairs are no joke!


    upload on ”WHAT’S THE STORY” with RAGDOLL !!!!!!!!!

  • lessonslearned

    Ppl don’t understand that most skaters will live and die skateboarding, when some serious shit goes down that affects your skating to level of nick dompierres, skating takes the back seat.

    its the worst feeling ever. I love skateboarding. Good luck nick dompierre, stay up and keep that positivity!

  • taylorburchard

    Fuck yeah nick

  • tony hawk

    Good to see your doing well. Wish you the best out there in the world . Sometimes we have to go thru things and make it out alive. Glad you did, now go throw down some HAMMERS, stay positive, and the industry will listen . Just show that you are willing and able . DC and Real will listen

  • dodoking

    heavy story man, glad to see you alive and ripping.
    but fuck DC & REAL!!! if they are not behind you when shit like that happens and they just drop your ass on the street like that!
    theres way better and more rider friendlier sponsors out there!

  • spencer

    i really wish this fucking video would work so i could actually watch it

  • Young poosyclot

    Do one on ragdoll, he’s the best skateboarder on the planet and very cute ; )

  • Jerome

    Keep your head up nick. You got some of the best tre flips in the game. You can rise above the injury and family drama. You got some of the best style on a board and I want to see some more.

  • Walshaw

    Fuck these kooky sponsors if they cant back you through the shit times. Dude kills it and will do again. one of the most talented skateboarders out. their loss.

  • Mike

    Damn that’s crazy. Hope you get better

  • Urban

    Keep your head up nick, just don’t give up on the thing that brought you joy the first time! GO SKATEBOARDING!

  • Rubens Cavarra

    I’ve been skating for 24 years and I started it, cause my Mother was on alcohol problems. She lost everything and all the respect for all my family back on those terrible days. i was so upset with that and I was only 13 years old, Instead try to get my first booze or smoke, I chose skateboarding as my past time and therapy. I’ve had good sponsors and I almost got pro, but I fuck up my knee and I lost them. honestly seeing the real situation, I ‘ve had good times with my sponsors, but also I wasn’t skating as before, cause it was like a job and I hated it. I’ve been skating a lot and having more fun, than when I was being that “famous” guy in my city and I am 40 years old and living in Europe and I got a sponsor shop (I am surprise with this, but no more pressure). You Nick Dompierre has a talent and please don’t wast e it. Go for it dude. By the way, my Mother does not drink there are 15 years and We love each other so much. I hope that your Mother be strong and fight her weakness. All the best and be strong and don’t lose the hope ! Never!

    • really

      no one cares bro

    • chineseollies

      Shut up Tony Robbins, nobody cares about your inspirational speech.

      • Alex Torp

        Whos Tony Robbins, did I miss the point here??? Maybe because Im Norwegian, you think???

  • paul

    Thats whats up Nick, wish you the best. Stay positive

  • Alex Torp

    Truly an honest, raw story.

    So, all respects to Mr.Nick Dompierre for being this honest…

    Nick, you rock, please keep rocking.