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Tampa, Montreal, London and Madrid; The World Goes Wild in the Streets
On June 20 & 21, 2010 Emerica’s Wild In The Streets is Going Global!

Los Angeles, CA – Taking its cues from a diverse history of “organized coincidences” and happenings such as motorcycle rallies, Reclaim the Streets festivals and Critical Mass bicycle rides, Emerica’s Wild in the Streets is an unconventional skateboarding event born in the streets. Often held on June 21st (Go Skateboarding Day), Emerica’s Wild in the Streets event is about much more than just getting the skate community together to have fun. After all, everyday is Go Skateboarding Day to Emerica. Wild In The Streets is different. A large-scale, decentralized grassroots movement for the benefit of skateboarders, the goal of Emerica’s Wild in the Streets is to forge community, while raising awareness of skateboarding and the needs of skaters. In years past, Emerica’s Wild in the Streets has benefited various causes, included fundraising for injured skaters, raising funds and awareness for skatepark projects, and socio-political issues affecting skateboarders and their communities.

This year the Emerica team will be splitting up and traveling to four locations around the world to bring cause-awareness and raise money for local skaters and their needs in those regions. The locations were decided by skaters, for skaters, on the Emerica website.

This is where the Emerica Team is headed for 2010:

Monday, June 21
Wild In The Streets Tampa
In benefit of Boards For Bros
Boards for Bros helps with the collection of skateboarding equipment, refurbishes it, and then distributes it back into the community for children who cannot afford their own. By helping the skateboard community give skateboards to those that might not have had the opportunity to ride one otherwise, Boards for Bro’s hopes that skateboarding can help children learn additional discipline, respect, and self-perseverance that will assist them throughout their entire lives. Wild in the Streets Tampa aims to raise money and awareness for Boards for Bros to create skateboarding lifers out of unordinary circumstances.
For more information:

Sunday, June 20
Wild In The Streets Montréal
In benefit of Québec Skate Plaza
The Québec Skate Plaza Foundation’s goal is to promote a healthy skateboard industry in the province of Québec. The foundation will support financing of future Skate Plaza construction and assuring that each skatepark project is built to skateboarder’s high standards. Wild In The Streets Montréal aims to raise money and awareness for the project and begin a new skateboarding legacy in the province of Québec.
For more information:

Sunday, June 20
Wild In The Streets London
In benefit of Southbank
London’s Southbank remains one of the world’s oldest and most iconic legitimate street skate spots, with a rich legacy in skateboard culture. Through the years large parts of the area have succumbed to corporate redevelopment, leaving the skateable public area greatly reduced in size, though the skaters of the UK have actively and consistently lobbied for some official recognition and protection for the area that remains. Wild In The Streets London aims to raise money and awareness for the project to help maintain the rich history of skateboarding at Southbank and support real street skating.
For more information:

Sunday, June 20
Wild In The Streets Madrid
In benefit of Plaza De Hortaleza
The well known Hortaleza Plaza, officially known as “Plaza Santos de la Humosa”, has been an OG Skate spot in Madrid since the mid ’90′s. It’s an integral part of Madrid’s skate history, and over the last few years the local skaters have been making improvements to the existent square themselves. With this DIY approach they added metal ledges, rails and refurbished some parts with concrete. Wild in the Streets Madrid aims to raise money and awareness for the local skaters to maintain and improve the existing plaza.
For more information:

Emerica’s Wild In The Streets was created to empower skaters the world-over to take to city streets in benefit of their local communities. It is a very effective tool for drawing attention and should always be treated with respect, and wielded wisely. Wild In The Streets is not solely an Emerica team event; it belongs to skateboarders everywhere!

If we aren’t headed your way, and there are needs facing your local scene, plan your own Wild In The Streets Event Today! http://emericaskate.com

Also, be sure to check out what went down last year in Vancouver B.C. For Wild in the Streets 2009 in benefit of LeeSide Skatepark here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2ZidXbNMj0

See you in the streets!
Stay Gold

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