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  • Yessir

    Politic is such a sick brand!

  • Carlos Guardado

    this is a sick and nice thing you guy’s are doing it would be dope if i can win, since they don’t sell Politic around where i live, and it would be cool wearing a brannd that no one has

    • brianna

      u r so cute a gree with u

  • edgar chicas

    I need a new board actually my board is trashy and about to snap but great company

  • Ivan Stanev

    i need new board

  • yerchie

    plssssssss ineed skateboard because I would like to learn many tricks………plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss………..

  • Isaiah Stines

    may i please have that deck i really need it….

  • samuel

    may i please have that deck im from indonesia and my old deck is crashed and my parents dont wan’t to buy me a new deck ):

  • Taylor Durkin

    Just broke my deck

  • Kai Larmour-Jones

    May I please have the deck? i broke mine and will have to wait until Christmas to get a new on :/

  • Louie Gardener

    Can I have the deck this will be my first and I am only 10 years old and I love staking so much.

  • izzy

    not saying im gonna win but i never win anything an i live in a poor family an my deck is worren out if i can get this i am gonna work harder than i already do to get sponsored.

  • derrick

    may i please please please have this deck i have snapped my board and my parents don’t like me skating and i need another board to continue my skating