Enter to Win: Chris Cole Signed Giveaway Package

By: | Friday, January 7, 2011 //

This giveaway has run its course. Congratulations to James Davis of Iowa City, IA for winning this package.

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  • Anthony Griley

    pick me guys! ive been skating for 4 years and never have been to a demo or won anything i really want this i love your mags:)!

  • johno

    i have entered heaps of prizes and never won anything can u please pick me

  • derrington perez

    hey guys please pick me cause i live in a town where not many pros or teams come that often and it would really be cool to have a prize from my Favourite skater and my favourite skate mag so plesa hook me up

  • James

    Why i want this shit 1 month ago for sure I wnt it but now the DC Chris Cole nah he sucks

  • isaac petrucka

    i so hope i win this because chris is my favorite skater of all time, and i have never tried a zero deck and i dont have very much mony to buy a new one since the one i have is almost dead

  • Justin

    Im not going to say pick me. But i look up to chris cole as my life idol. Im really let down about his switch to DC. But his life his rules ya know. Best of luck to you Chris :)

  • Marlone

    Please pick me! I’m from Philippines and I’m a big fan of Chris Cole! please!! I want to win this one.. please!! please!!

  • Collin Oglesby

    please pick me .I’m a big fan and i really want your set.best of luck to you chris.

  • jesse

    dude chris cole is so beast it would be a dream come true if I get his sk8 pakage

  • cody

    sweet up package

  • Jeff bolton

    Hey I just started sk8ing and love it!I could use some new gear tho

  • Jeff bolton

    Hey I just started sk8ing and love it!I could use some new gear tho

  • Justin Cavallucci

    awesome i would like this chris cole has been very close to where i live and it would be cool to get a thing like this!!!!!

  • Ciara Bebbington

    hey, it would be awesome to win this cos i started skating a couple of yours ago and some skating brand shirts and some new decks would be amazing and help me out loads :) !!

  • Kairon Mundy

    hi, i would luv to win this package because I love you and you are simply the best…!!!! :)

  • jager Bonham

    yea buddy

  • Logan mcdonald

    Please let me win this i really need the board and all that other awsome stuff chris cole is my idol and i never one a competion please let me win you would make me sooooooo happy because i dont have alot of money so im stuck with a 4 year old deck :(

  • kevin

    i would be happy to win this because i could still follow my dreams because i got a new skatebord and my old skatebored broke in half that why i want to win this so bad