Enter to Win Free Nike SBs

By: | Tuesday, June 22, 2010 //

Head over to our giveaway page and enter your information to win some free Nike SB Mid Dunk Pro shoes.

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    Your site has very nice congratulations.

  • jake bentley

    i really wish i could win these shoes because my parents wont buy me new ones and i have had the same skating shoes for a long time.

  • Ryan Stephens

    Thanks for this chance to win Nike sbs. Ive only had one pair of nike sbs. and Dunks are really nice. So Thanks:D

  • Ryan Stephens


  • Ryan Stephens

    :D and size 5.5

  • Ryan Stephens


  • Akke

    This is such a great concept wrtiten in an easy to understand and implement kind of way. I have already shared it with many people all of whom felt a connection with your message straight away. Not all of those people have teenagers and I think this is a message that can be shared and translated into all areas of life: have the courage to make mistakes you are learning!thank you for encouraging us all to learn new ways of behaving it’s the basis upon which we continue to evolve. The bonus is that we teach our children that its never too late to try new ways of solving problems.sarah xx