Enter to Win: Selfish Skateboards Package

By: | Wednesday, January 18, 2012 //

Congratulations to Steven Patterson for winning this package. Thanks to all who entered!

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  • HahaNomNom

    You couldn’t pay me to take any of those goods…

  • Christian Senrud

    cool dude!

  • Ericson Fernandez

    sick shit! My son and I are a big fan of Jereme, way to go dude! Hope you come down to Seattle so we can hang out and partay!!!!!

  • brigam nelson

    hey jereme it would be cool if we hung out in kenniwick find some skate spots.!#$%

  • bobo

    who won son?

  • Billy Minton

    Who won this? And why am I the only 1 who like this???

  • vidhyasagar.i.kudchi

    great connection