Product Toss: MTN Dew Paul Rodriguez Complete

By: | Friday, October 21, 2011 //

Enter your information below for a chance to win a Paul Rodriguez Plan B complete (shown above) courtesy of Mountain Dew. We’ll be giving one of these bad boys away every week for the month of October. Be sure to enter your information correctly so that if you win we can contact you and send your boards. Contest ends 10/28/11.

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  • Nastya

    is it only for USA citizens?

  • Ramiro

    What is title?

  • james

    It’s like a Hook-Ups abortion. Klein must be stewin’.

  • mountain dew presents of fury

    sup luved the vid luv to skate and hang with other friends. peace trav

  • mountain dew presents of fury

    enojoed u skateboarding luv the vid and goodluck on skateboarding

  • mountain dew presents of fury

    looks like u ollied so much and u cleared every thing right and u were with a ffriend of 2 cloans of otis beasley and u guys cleared the stairs and every thing wat agreat vid and luved it it was at china town in china but wat some good popin the board and u rode on the sidewalk hope to win peace travis

  • mountain dew presents of fury

    he 9 stairs also either to guyscloaned or wat soundstight and cool badass and with half the skate team

  • mtn dew tour presents street of fury paul rod project toss

    looks like china town usa which its united states but it seemslike he put to people c of the same people or sumthin but notice its 2 black people otis beasley and keeland dadd he ollied 59 thousand things really good and itsbadass how he does it. a big flood hits the spot t

  • mtn dew tour presents street of fury paul rod project toss

    its the otis beasley black guy and the keelan dadd and so they jumped out of the car and skateboarden over by the china town buissness apt and so the flood came on and so they had to be fast and skateboard down the staires and so all that isjust right and so itsalso a mtn dew tour bord the use to skate the streets im travis davis and my email is hit me up if i win the board

  • mtn dew tour presents street of fury paul rod project toss

    the coutesy plan b skateboard gived by every week in october of every week or yr