Product Toss: Omit Apparel Package

By: | Tuesday, March 27, 2012 //

This giveaway has come to a close. Thank you very much to all who entered. Congratulations to Connor McCubbin of Tempe, AZ for winning the prize pack.

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  • Sean S

    who won??

  • Edward

    Sounds as if you’ve got an outline in your head alaerdy. Don’t make the mistake I did (not telling enough about why your character does what she/he does) and then having to backtrack and insert chapters before getting to the good stuff in order for it to make sense! Love the coming-of-age thing and making your characters gritty. Everyone loves a protagonist with lots of flaws. Think the mid-life crisis thing will work great as well. Good luck and look forward to reading more as you begin your novel journey. .