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  • Cindy Minton

    That’s Me!!But Im from Duffield,Va not La….can you send me an e-mail for the correct address?



  • oh come on

    seriously a chick got this come on! This would have completed my new skateboard. Damn.

  • Cindy Minton

    Got these,gave them to my husband as an early Christmas gift,he loves ‘em.He told me Pat Duffy was one of his favorite skaters when he was in high school (he graduated in 1994) and he just started skating again,must be some kind of skate omen.Thanks,Skateboarder Mag and you to Orion.

  • Josh Byrne

    aye my trucks are pretty kackd, just got back from el toro, hook it up!

  • Devon

    i would love to win this its my b day on the six so i wish i would win this