Product Toss: Stance Socks Package

By: | Thursday, January 19, 2012 //

Contest ends 1/31/2012. Winners announced here and via Twitter

This contest is over. Thanks to all for entering. Sorry so many of you have such harsh foot conditions.

Congratulations to Praise Morris for the win. We liked his response the best.

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  • Logan

    After working 10 hour days, I come home to peel off the sweaty, stinky socks of mine. It smells like a mixture of raw sewage and fritos, bbq of course. If I had a pair of Stance socks, my feet wouldn’t be so damn smelly, but also very stylish.

  • nick rodriguez

    dawg literally i dont sk8 in socks and i come home and my roommates r always hating on me for my swamp dogs are just barking up a storm. i can literally clean out a whole entire frat house party if i came in a took my shoes off. i bring girls home and they run away after we start getting the dirty dirt nasty started. i kick them puppies off and BANG, swamp dogs are destroying shit…..i could use some of them stance socks, them joints could keep me on the straight and narrow when i be getting them tricks if u know what i mean……thanks G

    nick rodriguez

  • bil bohno

    my socks are demon as shit!!!

  • aidan caldwell

    my mom makes me take a foot shower after skating and i have atheletes foot so it really stinks besides my stepfather took all my socks and gets really annoyed when i take them out of his closet so i need socks to stop the stink and stop my stepfather man besides they got some sick ass riders so they
    must be comfy

  • lowbrau

    I just accidentally clipped my toe nail too close and it is now an open wound. I don’t want to have to get it amputated due to infection from crusty socks Youch!

  • Patrick O.

    I’ve had a rash on my feet that creeps back every so often like a pesky herpes infection. The amount of sweat that my feet produce could cool down four little kids in the summer heat. Summer time means changing socks three times a day. Those socks get burnt out quick, I’d appreciate some fresh ones.

  • Jared Alba

    Im A very Active Person… I Skate everyday For About five Hours At the Local park! At the moment im rocking a mixture of Socks That Fall Down…. Have holes… And Having Athletes Feet Doesn’t really Help! All i Wear is Tall Socks… Ankle socks Are LAME!! Let’s just say If I Could Rock Some STANCE Socks Id Be The Uncommon Thread of the I.E. Thanks For Listening..

  • Jack

    I need these sock because my shoes have such big toe holes their ripping my socks too. 100% for skateboarding

  • Jack

    I need these sock because my shoes have such big toe holes their ripping my socks too and over here on the east coast the winters are cold so warm sock would be great to be able to skate in. 100% for skateboarding

  • kevin demski

    Cold chicago winters- my feed need socks!

  • Bryan

    I have literally bought dozens of pairs of Stance socks so it would be nice for you to return the favor and show one of your most faithful supporters some love. They are the best socks that my feet have ever felt and I will continue to support you but if I were to get hooked up i could give a few pairs to skaters who haven’t had the Stance experience and contribute to your growth as a company.

  • BTown

    My Stank A$$ Feet (an smelly joint)

    26 years I’ve been skating the crete
    And also some wood (when too wet on the street)
    Only thing I depend on’s my stank a$$ feet
    My stank a$$ feet
    Yay! say the ladies cuz my tricks they be sweet
    And somewhere on or near them they’d like me to skeet
    That’s until they get a smell of my stank a$$ feet
    My stank a$$ feet
    Shtance socks are the $hit (or at least pretty sweet)
    They’re probably made out of some kind of meat
    I’d use ‘em for a sangwich if they were made out of wheat
    But right now they just cover my stank a$$ feet
    My stank a$$ feet
    So’s anyways, gimme a box, that’d be neat
    I’d rep that $hit hard, for real, bro, I would not be discrete
    So I’ma gonna sign of and most likely repeat:
    My stank a$$ feet
    My stank a$$ feet

  • Finkelstein

    I lost 4 toe nails this summer. Pinky toes are f’d. But the other ones are growing back sorta. Anyway my girlfriend got me a pedicure and I got a 6 nail discount. Tight!



    After a long sesh, the scent of my feet resemble something close to that of dead skunks, old cheese, and french fries. I need some Stance socks because every one of my socks has skate holes in them. I don’t know if new socks would make the smell fresher, but at least my feet will look fresh.

  • Jordan

    I play soccer 5 days a week for 2 hours each day
    My family and friends always complain about how stinky my feet smell
    My friends make fun of me because my parents make me wear HIGHwaters everyday which sow off my grimey nasty ugly plain socks
    Everyday my friends brag about their sick stance socks and they are very ill as in awesome
    when i come home from a nice sesh with my friends,i swear you could die from the smell.
    Also i went on a date and when i was in the movies with her she got a whiff of my feet and she said she had to go to the bathroom and she never came back!
    If i could own at least one pair of stance socks they will not only keep the smell in but also not leads ladys off,look as cool as my friends AND i wont get made fun of!
    my parents dont want to pay for any so called “expensive” socks so they buy me thrift!
    Please help!!

  • Rayden Hensley

    When I go skateboard with my friends for hours and it’s time to chill, my friends

    a.)don’t let me come with cause my feet stink so bad

    b.)make me sleep with my shoes on

    c.)wash my feet for me(a win-win for me)

    obviously my feet need to be covered in some fresh fresh,vibrant,non stinky Stance Socks to make at it to those after sesh chill parties #stankydogs

  • Carl

    I need new socks after 5 Hours of skating.

  • Dena

    my son is two and his feet smell so bad he get that from his dad they both need some new socks

  • Andre

    heh, i skate, not much socks..its cold socks for me?

  • Jim

    These socks should provide my toes with plenty of relief and comfort from their neighboring corns, bunions and plantar warts.

  • april frank

    I always need more socks!

  • Justis

    i have slave feet

  • Joe

    i sweat a lot when i skate and the dyes in my shoes start to turn my cheap hanes socks different colors

  • Nicolas Camire

    I could say I’m due for some new Stance socks after crashing at my homies’ places and skating every day my socks get so gross and stinky that i have less board control and my feet slide around in my shoes..
    It’s also death to anyone who asks me to take off my shoes.. No fun.
    I’d rather ride with Stance then with $10 socks from wal-mart!
    Also you know you need new socks when you have to mop up the sweaty footsteps on the hardwood floor! :)

  • David reece

    I despratly need stance socks because I dont have any socks that match and most of my socks I have are my sisters or moms and they always fuss at me for wearing them and there socks have holes in them thats just the cold hard truth. I seriously need to be hooked up with stance (BIG TIME) that way I will hvae my own socks and look stylish and get my mom off my back.

  • LYLE


  • Huntrea

    I have 5 out of 10 fungus covered toe nails…….

  • Brent

    I skate from morning til dark almost EVERY day. I have some beat to shit SB’s that have holes in them, and my socks are getting so bad I have to buy them from Kmart just so I’m not blowing TONS of money. I need some socks in stock! PLEASE HOOK IT UP.

  • myles

    my feet dont stink, i just want some free socks.

  • Juan Rodriguez

    i only own 2 pairs of stance socks and i wear them 2 days out of the week and the rest of the week my other socks leave my feet feeling uncomfortable all stinky and sweaty from skating and everything. when i wear my stance my feet are happy and feeling fresh.

  • grayson haldane

    i need some new socks mine are torn to shreds thanks

  • Eljay

    Straight up, I just don’t have socks, sAme pair everyday with mad passion

  • zugzug

    Skating, and snowboarding have taken their toll on my socks. So much so that they can hardly be called socks. Holes in the toes and heels have almost connected to each other. This makes for some horrible smells, bruises and pain. It’s time to make a change and heal my feet from the beating they take each day. much appreciated.

  • Anthony Gomez

    My plain old black socks are so jealous right now

  • jared alba

    Me + STANCE SOCKS = Me Shredding Harder Than Ever Wearing My UNCOMMON THREADS!!! Yeeeeeeeee..

  • brandon

    i always to keep em fresh. a couple pairs of some stance socks would make my feet ghe freshest in all the land

  • kyle

    When i Skateboard and Snowboard my socks get wrecked so fast!! The holes become unbearable and a box from stance would change everything ! I love Stance Socks!!!

  • susie van der Glas

    Look I dont skate well , I have tried I am 53 a almost 11 year Breast cancer survivor and a nurse ..I do zumba hip hop and body sculpt and I love your socks ..I wear them to the gym and out with my skirt or dress.. They are hip and every time I wear them that is what I hear HIP.. But most of all they feel super great on my feet I am a PINK WARRIOR and deserving of a box of your great socks..much love to you susie v

  • mike

    Think I’ll do ya a favor and not expose you to my gnarly feet, K?…you’re welcome

  • Judd west

    I live in Alaska and I need some socks that don’t have holes in them to keep me warm this winter! It’s already -25 and there’s two more months to go of this… Please save my toes this winter so I can make it to spring with normal blood circulation so I can skate again ! Thanks stance! ~Judd west

  • tom

    each one of my toes looks like a miniature dick.

  • jared spellman

    I do not have instagram, but i wish i could show you a picture of how many socks i have with holes all over them. I skate alot and love stance.

  • Huy H.

    Wearing the same pairs of socks for the past 2 years. Became thin, turned grey from black, and has holes from natural wear. Feet get all moist from my minimum wage job as a car prep. Need Stance to keep my feet comfy, warm, and fitted. No mold, just cold. #stankydogs

  • mark

    Cuz my feet are fucked up!!!they smell like shit rolled up in burnt hair!! I need some new socks to keep my feet happy :)

  • Sabino Pedrosa

    Why do I need stance socks… hmmm. Well to start off most of my socks have sick holes in them or they have a bit of cum on them… My socks are also not very awesome, I’m ashamed to have these socks. When ever I go run track or skate in shorts I feel sad and disappointed that everyone has to look at my stupid socks.

  • ERIC

    These socks are incredibly sweet! I LOVE Stance socks and could really use some. Hope I win because my feet really need the Stance treatment!

  • zacari nicasio

    i need a pair of socks because i can’t afford to buy new ones and i wear 1 pair of socks for a month straight and i can’t even take my shoes off in my own house because of my socks. everyone around me says that my feet smell like a sewer i’m like come dude seriously. its sucks having cheesy feet.

  • Daniel

    I don’t even have any new socks… skating ripped shoes tends to destroy your socks.

  • chyanne reese

    my feet smell so bad i can barley finish this comment without gaging.

  • Alex Williams

    My boys’ socks are always vanishing. A matching pair is a rarity in these parts! That Stance Box would do us some good!

  • Praise Morris

    I live in shame and disgrace because my feet reek of the combination of dog’s breath, sweat and sasquatch bunghole. My friends tease me everyday because my feet stank before and even more greatly after the session. I use the same ripped up vans socks which smell like dragon’s piss. Kids at school tease me all day long because the stink on my feet is compared the intensity of ugly atrocity appeals of my disfigured face. I long to be cool and acquire the blessing that stance socks have. Stank repellant cotton and stylish fibers flow strong within the sock, giving it superb steez and finesse. End my dreadful days of no steez and I shall do wonders and be able to perform miracles with the almighty stance socks package!

  • Aleck

    I need these socks because when I take my socks off on a daily basis I can literally see sweat dripping off of them after a day of skating. My socks get holes in them so fast because I have to buy such cheap socks because they don’t last me very long and I never have enough money to buy a good pair of Stance socks much less any other brand. And, people can’t stop complaining about the stench coming off of my feet when I take my shoes off. It’s so bad that they ask me to go wash my feet before I do anything else, and they still stink even after I wash them!

    Please, I really need these socks.

  • Roberto

    Please blocks my tox with a box… the entire italian population will be grateful to Stance socks. Ciao belli!

  • wilson

    when i come home my mom makes me take my shoes and socks off in the mudd room because they are stanky so if you could give me some free socks so my feet wont smell and wont be cold

  • Jose

    I broke my fat toe… it looks gnarly and feels like crap and cant skate. Stance socks would use its magical powers to call the sock gods and make my toe heal sooner than 6-8 weeks. Penguins will throw a parade and frank Zappa would play a song dedicated to the wonders of Stance. Either way I cant wait to hop on my board, whether it be with a fresh pair or my old crusties.

  • Alex R

    After working 12 hour days on 6 days a week I need to let loose on the weekend. What better way to show how “lose” I am than with the “Don’t Give a Damn” attitude given off by Stance socks. One look from the ladies at these socks would show how “easy” I am and how I want to get “laid” back. Not to mention I just need some more comfortable socks!

  • Justis walton

    I skate everyday, all of my socks are ripped and it really affects skating in the winter.

  • Ericson Fernandez

    all my socks have ollie holes, so definately in need of new ones so i can ollie even higher and maybe land it?

  • Harry Monje

    My parents don’t love me enough to buy me new socks, i’ve been wearing the same pair for 3 years, they’re starting to really stink and i there’s green stuff growing on my right foot, fingers crossed its and extra toe, but yeah i need socks!

  • Christian Gonzalez

    my feet smell like pure catastrophic butt cheeks and old rotten pizza, i need these socks super bad before i put kill someone because of the horid stench my feet give out.

  • Josh

    i love any sport with “board” in it and skateboarding and snowboarding screw up your socks and my parents rufuse to buy me socks can please give me some! thanks

  • Vernon Andrés Hughes

    Girls love to see me in FRESH socks, and after 3 hours of stylish skating i need change it.

    (8) Give It 2 Me !! (8)

  • Mikey Marchetti

    I need some new socks because my feet smell like shit and i like the new feel of socks instead of old socks because I hate when your feet slide around in your shoes and old doesn’t make your shoe feel nice a snug on your foot

  • Bill Mullaney

    My roommate always wears my socks leaving them stretched out. I have little kid sized feet so when I put em on they just retreat into my shoe like a startled snail with every step I take. Please help a brother out on this one. I finally got through softer a few freak outs but the damage has been done on most of the socks in my drawer.

  • Jamie

    when I take my shoes off after skating, it stinks so bad, it made my neighbors dog run away!!

  • James

    my feet stink so bad at the end of a day of skating, that when I take my shoes off the paint on my walls are pealing!

  • Jeff Oehmen

    I’m 38 with a good job. I still skate which should say something. I can afford all the socks i need. For me its not about that. I live in a neighborhood with all kids that skate up and down and the street and I’m the old guy that goes out and tells them to stop trying to 360 flip before they can ollie. they look at me like i’m gonna break a hip and then freak out when I tell them to start stacking boards for me to ollie.

    my point is, your socks are killer and well done. great quality. These kids have no idea who you are but are you’re audience. I would take these winnings and give them to all neighborhood kids that skate and tell them to go online and buy more. I believe in what you do and care about the skate industry.

    i work in advertising so I’d love to help in anyway I can.

    You’re product is worth every penny.

  • James Pettijohn

    all i wear is stance socks,wear them so much i rip them apart because i wear them so much. so i would love to win some stance socks even if it was a pair still rock them, and tell people to buy them.


  • Marcus Zweig

    Alrighty, so I’m coming here to win some sick socks to keep these puppies warm and looking cool and modern. Everyday I come home from a long day with horrible smelling feet and there ugly as well you know! So if I get these socks I’ll have something to cover these ugly feet… And if I get these chill socks I’ll be the coolest guy known to man kind… I’ll be like a god, except I won’t do god stuff I’ll just skate! So I hope I win these socks, fingers crossed, and everything!!!

  • Daniel Valdivia

    Dude my socks stink up my whole entire house i need new socks bro!

  • abe narciso

    i have this thing its called atheltes foot my foot looks like a peice if swiss cheese and stanks worse than the shit stains in my undies. i need socks because i suck and have no money to buy any so hook my ghetto shit stained undie self up

  • Shenika

    Im a tomboy but with a girly-girl swag. I would love to have those socks so that when I go out on the town with my girls or homeboys I can change out from my stilettos to a fresh pair of socks to go along with my vans that I carry in my bag…

  • dturner

    Cuz Tom Boys need new unsmelly socks too!

  • Andrew Smith

    1. plane white hanes socks suck, and thats all i have.
    2. damn near all of my socks have holes in them.
    3. once a week ill go to put a sock on and focus it with my heel.
    4. cant afford cool socks.
    5. im down for colored and nifty socks.
    6. don pendleton kills it.
    7. my feet smell.
    8. i lose socks in the wash to much.
    9. most of my socked turned pick from a pair of shoes.
    10. if i ever wanted to cuff my pants flood and be cool id need stance socks to show off.
    11. stance socks would be awesome for my sock puppet show.
    12. it would be cool to socko someone.
    13. summer is coming high socks and shorts are so in this year.
    14. i want to get compliments on my socks and tell people i won them.
    15. my mom just called me asking how my socks were holding up. no lie.
    16. if i get new socks ill be pimping.
    17. cause i keep it chity.
    18. you feel the need to hook up someone from ohio.
    19. sometimes you get a hole in your shoe and it rips your sock.
    20. come on hook it up.

  • Pat Shore

    because they might help my bowling, ask jamie

  • Gavin

    I have a pretty bruise on my left foot that is swollen from a bad ankle roll.

  • Ronald West

    I skate hard everyday which means my socks get wet and sweaty . and after a while they soon get crusty and white . and when you forgot to do the laundry and those are the only socks you have left it suck . I need new socks !

  • Luke Scott

    “I’VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FEET” – me after skating in my Ring Starr voice.

  • Luke Scott

    ^^ Ringo

  • Rob Bondy

    I am a 41 year old skateboarder. I sweat old man stink and it all pools in my shoes when I skate. When I come home from the park and take of my shoes, small animals die. Please save the animals.

  • A.J Allen (Theotis Beasley Jr.)

    Please give my them socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!