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  • Josh Byrne

    Hey what up Stereo homies,, just been skatin a ton and cruzin and what not, hope to soon send in some footy, just tryin to get a bit of notice,, thad be super tight if i won this, then i could skat/reveiw your board,(already in love with Stereo), and send in lots of clips of me shreddin,, thanks a shit ton ,, peace out, much love.

  • Ollie Whiteman

    Why does it say the winning entries will be put up on the 2nd of November 2010?

  • charles era

    hey how are you all doing great cool hey guess what I entered to win a skateboard called stereo sounds skateboard and it says your giveaway ends 2/17/2012 but it says on the page that my entry went threw but it will be posted on the same page on november 2, 2010 but you guys mean 2012 right or am I wrong.please call me if I win and I hope I do because that would be so rad and cool and I never win nothing so I hope I win and I will jump up and down and run around if I win ok thankyou,

  • Matt Myers

    Contest ends 02/17/2012, but survey is closed 02/14/2012? Wow, I guess you already found enough friends to give the boards to, instead of people that want to enter the contest. Nice. It’s all who you know, right?

  • Christian Senrud

    Good one, Matt!

  • Carlos

    This is rad for the kids!

  • Billy Minton

    Who won? Looked on Twitter and nothing there either…I know you guys are busy making a great magazine,but anticipation is killing me and I have P.T.S.D so it makes it worse…