5Boro Join or Die Teaser 2 and New Pros

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5BORO NYC JOIN, or DIE teaser 2 from 5BORO on Vimeo.

The new 5Boro video is dropping Feb 16 and will see two new professional additions to the team. Check the trailer and see who the new pros are here.

5BORO NYC is proud to announce the world premiere of “JOIN, or DIE” February 16th, 2012 in New York City. With this full length video, Joe Tookmanian (left) and Willy Akers (right) are both welcomed to 5boro’s pro ranks.

Joe Tookmanian, aka: “Took”, has been commuting from NJ to NYC on skate missions since the age of 13 and in 2002 was officially added to the 5boro Crew. Since then Joe has filmed standout parts in 5boro’s Word of Mouth(2003) and New York, New York(2005). Joe also rides for Fallen Footwear, NJ Skateshop and Autobahn Wheels.

Willy Akers, from Wilmington, Delaware and residing in Philly for the past six years, became acquainted with 5boro in ‘98 during his younger years of entering contests at NYC’s Riverside Skatepark. After many dues paid, he joined the 5boro Crew in ‘03 and is now welcomed to the pro ranks. Willy’s other sponsors are Kinetic Skateshop, Emerica, Volcom, OJ Wheels and Lucky Bearings.

“JOIN, or DIE” will premiere February 16th, 2012 at Santos Party House, located downtown Manhattan featuring full parts from Willy Akers, Danny Falla, Guillaume Dulout, Dan Pensyl, Jimmy Mcdonald, Joe Tookmanian and a Family & Flowtrash montage.

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  • Big Rigg

    You can always count on 5 BORO to keep it raw in the NY streets.