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  • Dimis

    tough-guy cop was an ego-tripping jerk. for what reason was he riicluidng and baiting the kid, other than to provoke a response? (excedrin, ashamed of yourself, etc.) granted, dumb move for the kid to call mr.tough cop what he did, but psycho-cop lost it kid wasn’t resisting’ when the cop threatened to break his arm like a twig, but psycho-cop knows he can claim that there was resistance, and no one would believe otherwise.. note how tough-cop chided the onlookers saying go ahead and file a complaint’ he knows that citizens complaints are a waste of time, cops face no consequences (the brothers-in-blue’ always protect one of their own) you-tubed, caught on tape being a total jerk, lying about it for all to see, it’s these LEO’s who give them all a bad name