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  • ThisIsAJoke

    This is adding to the problem. The cost of manufacturing “quality” decks, paying for riders, videos, ads, trips, etc. add up. How can everything else in the world cost more than it did 20 years ago but skateboards are getting cheaper?! Shop decks and stunts like this are killing the industry and effectively pro skateboarding. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Most company owners are broke. Most pros had their paychecks slashed to nothing. (even the top guys) The core brands and magazines are dying!

    I don’t blame the consumer, they just want to skate. I would do the same thing if I was a kid out there, but this is adding to the demise of what we all love. You can keep making cheap’o China boards like Blind, and shop boards through your mega mail order sites, but know that you are helping Pro Skateboarding die.

    Have fun with your cheap Wal-Mart skateboard hobby in 10 years.