Adventures with Chris: Daniel Lutheran Part 1

By: | Wednesday, February 22, 2012 //

Back in December the House of Vans in Brooklyn, USA held a best trick contest and a coat drive to benefit NY Cares. In keeping with the spirit of positivity HOV flew out the most positive person on God’s green Earth: Daniel Lutheran. Young Daniel is so charming he even convinced one girl to donate the coat right off her back.

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  • Gregorio

    mountains, Arctic vixens, and fur biiniks), THEN (i hope) great single to follow though it may be hard to launch this project if you’re not willing to throw dollar bills into the fresh mountain air as you as you parade on the snow leopards. And Paddy, at a quick glance of your argument, this winter wonderland vision would be impure if it were ONLY about the benjamins. I think we can all agree that as a business you need (if you’re going to stick around a while in the market)to have a product that SELLS well, and it usually follows that such a product also SERVES well, whatever its respective purpose may be. So the passion AND the cash-in deserve visor-topped nods in your Grammy acceptance speech?Either way, I’m holding out for Paddy’s debut album