Adventures with Chris: Geoff Rowley Episode 1

By: | Monday, June 20, 2011 //

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  • Toshiki

    Hi Ive been bmxing for about a year now im not the best but i woundlt say im a beginner. Ive only got a3150 to spend and I came across the Diamondback Joker. I know its not the best of brands but all the goood brands such as haro, wethepeople, gt etc are quite expensive. By the way a3150 is my limit. I do street bmxing and the occasional skate park.And do you know where I can get a good guide to put the BMX together not the ones to build a new custom bmx. Because someone told me the instructions with the Diamondbacks are quite hard. Also im not that good at building it and replacing stuff on the bike because I always had my pro friend to do it and he gone now.Im in UK and do u know anywhere (online) I can get a good bmx. Is there any good bmxes for my price range