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  • ThanhTung

    Hey, there! My first comment on your blog-which I love. It’s so fun to see your boys and see yours and Kevin’s fratuees in their faces. I feel for you with the burn. April was letting her oldest daughter cook with her when Grace was a toddler. April was sure she would be able to watch her carefully enough since she was right there with her. Wrong. It only took a second for Grace to touch the hot burner after April removed a pot. Oops. Lots of blisters, like your son’s burn, but the good news is……..absolutely no lasting scars. I don’t think Grace even remembers that it happened. You did the right thing with the cold water right away, just like Ape did. I’m sure little Sam will be back to normal in no time. We have yet to have burns or stitches (knock on wood), but my son did break his wrist in preschool. He didn’t listen to the monkeys on the bed story closely enough. Luckily, he landed on his hand, not his head.