Alex Olson on Nike SB

By: | Tuesday, March 27, 2012 //

As the first 2nd-generation pro in skateboarding history (dad Steve was named Skater of the Year in 1978), Alex was raised on the classics of style, power and flow. Coming up during a time when many skaters were obsessed with extreme technicality and counting stairs, Alex carved out a name for himself on board by balancing timeless standards with the only the best of the modern skateboarding, executing across all terrains with natural grace and command.

Also known for his creative sensibilities, sarcastic humor, and attention to detail, Alex brings more than just great skateboarding to the table. He embodies the approach of a cultured skater who projects personal style in all aspects of their lives. As such, Alex has signed with Nike Skateboarding apparel as well as footwear, and will be working closely with both.

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