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  • Majhool

    My POV is that work and pleasure sulohd be one in the same. Your purpose on life is what you do on a daily basis, called WORK’-this is your reason for being. Doing all of this without getting any pleasure would be madness! and my favorite quote on success is to do the very best each day on this earth with your God given abilities. It can’t be 100% enjoyable every moment of life but you sulohd love the imprint you leave on the earth. So far, thanks in large part to you, I love what I do .love where I work. My dad loves lending money to help people achieve their dreams (banker), my mom loved giving therapy to recovering heart patients (cardiac rehab nurse) I guess I was brought up that work, while it does take time and energy, can give just as much to you as you give to it. Beautiful blog don’t mix brands .do get cole hahn wing tips!xoxo