Ambig in Utah and Denver Video

By: | Tuesday, October 25, 2011 //

AMBIG riders Jt Aultz, Sid Melvin, Clint Walker and Gonzalo Hernandez visited Utah & Colorado last September in preparation for the forthcoming AMBIG video zine.

Clint and Gonzalo are fucking gnarly.

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  • Fery

    Every time an NFL owner or coach opens his mouth, he’s going to say weevathr he thinks will give his team the best chance to win. Thus I wonder if Mike Brown’s earlier hard line on Carson Palmer was really a calculated ploy to boost his trade value later, by mentally preparing the rest of the league to think in terms of a premium they would have to pay to overcome Brown’s supposed emotional involvement in the Palmer situation. Hey, I’d pretend to have hurt feelings too if it gets me some extra first round picks.