Ambig Zine 9 Now Live

By: | Monday, February 6, 2012 //

Coinciding with the launch of AMBIG Zine 9 here is a short clip that cross references some of the photography and content seen in the zine.

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  • Snejina

    The past ddeace of rooting for this team has conditioned me to be cautiously optimistic. I’m really excited about what the Bengals have going right now, but I won’t really be drinking the kool-aid until I see back-to-back successful seasons. Recent history has shown us that this team surprises when the expectations are low and disappoints when the expectations are high.I agree with several of the points made on here that for Mike Brown, the Palmer trade was a perfect mix of luck and strategy. I think the opportunity kind of fell into his lap with Campbell getting hurt, but he made the right moves to take advantage of it.I too have seen the NFL films footage with Dalton and Green and thought it was fantastic. It was so encouraging to see/hear that when Dalton directs plays on the field, he really does have the confidence that he appears to have. Gotta have patience and see how he pans out over a couple of seasons to really make a judgment, though.Good discussion, JT!