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  • lilslut

    this “artsy” trend is definitely bunk by now. especially the elusive triangles

  • Calim

    I was the same way. I rllaey rllaey rllaey wanted to learn when I was a kid, but my Mom didn’t think girls should skateboard and got my brother a board instead, which he didn’t want and never used. I finally got my board when I was 18 and had my own money. I just went to the shop and asked for their advice. They were rllaey friendly and set me up with a great board. I would say if you want to learn tricks get a regular skateboard, but if you want to cruise around and commute on it get a longboard. You should be able to pick up how to skate on your own, especially if you’ve done anything similar like snowboarding or wake boarding (although those aren’t the same they have some similarities). For learning tricks, you could get some DVD’s, read up online, and subscribe to skating magazines.Don’t let it discourage you when guys yell and whistle at you. If you don’t ever end up skate boarding you might always regret it! I didn’t turn out to be much good at it but I am so glad I got the chance to try!