Baker’ “Insensitive” Skateboard Graphic Backlash

By: | Thursday, August 2, 2012 //

Words: Christian Senrud (who does not necessarily speak for the entire staff of Skateboarder Magazine)
Baker Skateboards, an equal opportunity employer, is hurting some feelings with one of the Nuge’s most recent pro-model board graphics and matching T-shirt title “The Gooks of Hazzard.” The design features Don Nguyen and Daniel Shimizu as a parody of the classic Dukes of Hazard. It has the general “Ri” instead of the General Lee and features Nuge and Shmeez as a couple of “Good Orr” boys. I personally love it and think it’s hilarious, and another stamp in skateboarding’s thick book of pissing on the delicate sensibilities of the norm, but the Asian American Justice Center finds it offensive. How odd.

You can read TMZ’s story here about the matter, but I just want to thank Baker Boys for continuing to come out with hilarious board graphics when more and more often things are getting stale, stagnant and boring.

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  • Dan

    I forgive your ignorance, you may find it funny, but you did not grow up Asian and get called this while getting beat up by the white boys growing up.
    I forgive your ignorance, what if it were the N-word or some other slur, I’m sure you have no ethnic heritage or do not know, so it is ok to make fun of different ethnicity.
    I forgive your ignorance, you most likely only have white friends, and the occasional uncle tom.

  • simone

    I’d like to see you use the word nigger and justify it by saying it’s “hilarious” because it “pisses on the delicate sensibilities of the norm.” See how far that gets you. Racial slurs against any ethnic minority group, not just the ones you are scared of, is racist, and not funny.

  • fuck skateboarder

    you employ this idiot and give him the right to speak,
    job well done skateboarder,
    never subscribing to your codoning racist magazine again.

  • Guyer

    Hahahahaha have you seen some of the degrading album covers rappers have used?!!?!? Stop being so sensitive….

  • shihab

    you spend this idiot and give him the right to speak,
    work well done skateboarder,
    not at all subscribing to your condoning racist journal again.

  • Carlos

    Hey Dan. Now look who’s profiling. White boys? I’m sure they weren’t all white boys. I’m Latino and would surely haved loved to kick your whining little punk ass.

  • Carlos

    And by the way. that shirt is in very poor taste. What a bunch of a-holes.

  • Kris

    Wow, ignorance is so hot right now. You are a fucking joke Skateboarder for allowing this moron to post his idiotic opinion, what is this goddamn Fox News? This shirt is not “pissing on the delicate sensibilities of the norm,” it’s conforming to the norm: a system of racial hierarchy where people of color are nowhere near the top. Get a fucking clue. Did anybody stop to think about what that word means to millions of people? How about to anyone of Vietnamese heritage? Quit attempting to pathetically defend this shirt/board as some sort of quasi rebellious critique of society, because news flash; it’s not. You want to piss off the norm? How about someone start critiquing Nike, Converse, Adidas, Monster, Redbull, Target, Element, and all the other bullshit that has been welcomed into skateboarding rather than promoting it. I know be able to skate doesn’t necessarily mean you have a brain, but come on.

    Kris Parker

  • Joe Nickels

    In response to Kris Parker:
    Before you get all high and mighty, did you ever stop to think that this shirt, and that distasteful word, are simply just referring to the two Asian-Americans in the graphic? Then suppose it was their idea and they approved the shirt, what is the harm in that? You wouldn’t think twice at a black guy printing a shirt with the “N” word on it because it would be perfectly acceptable for him to do so. So now, the same logic applied to this shirt, you find it offensive because you assume that any successful business such as Baker is just run by white people. Well now whose the racist here? Something like this is sure to get you excited because people like you love to seek out anything that could be remotely out of line so you can stand by and live your illusion as the righteous mediator of society. I hope it makes you feel better about yourself that any hint of a sense of humor has vanished from your life. The term “gook” comes from “Mi Guk” which means America in Korean. During the Korean War the Americans mistook it for them saying “Me Gook” and started using the term to refer to them out of America’s own stupidity. In essence, the word itself is not offensive. I think shirts such as this one help to point out the absurdity of these, originally racist, terms and water them down so as America can evolve into a society where old ways of thinking are simply laughed at because they are beyond our thinking processes.
    Joe Nickels

    p.s. Christian Senrud’s two-cents was pretty stupid though, Skateboarder could have been just fine not letting him publish that article.

  • Kris

    In response to Joe Nickels,

    To begin with I apologize if my comment seems “high and mighty” to you, but the point of view I expressed is pretty basic to anyone who has actually thought about racism for more than 30 seconds. To be fair though, I will say it can take some time for some people to recognize how racism works in our society and hopefully you’re just young. You make a lot of assumptions in your comment, which wasn’t surprising, but after reading the rest of your comment it became clear that you do not know what you are talking about. Those two dudes approved of it so it’s okay huh? And while we’re at it Obama being president means racism doesn’t exist anymore huh? Just because those two dudes failed to see the issue with normalizing racism doesn’t make it right. You’re logic regarding a shirt with the “N” word is pretty flawed; racism is racism regardless of who is dumb enough to promote it. I have seen racial slurs used in creative, satirical ways in order to make a point about how fucked up racism is, yet this Baker shit is nowhere remotely near that clever, and not surprisingly so. This graphic does nothing but normalize a word that has no other purpose but to degrade and dehumanize people. You do realize these shirts/boards are made to sell don’t you? Which will then be bought by a bunch of dumbshit kids who most likely will not understand the historical significance of the word. You assume that I implied any successful business is run by white people, which was not the case, and reveals you haven’t put much consideration into any of this. Try thinking of more in terms of which communities of people disproportionately inhabit poor areas and why that is so. It’s nice to read that you view me as a self-righteous mediator of society because I have an issue with people idiotically promoting racism. You would think that would warrant some self-reflection on your behalf. I don’t see anything funny about dehumanizing other people, but I guess you do? Also, if you’re trying to insult me you’ll have to do better than that. Where exactly the term originated from is contested but I’m glad to see you read the TMZ comments, I’m sure they are a reliable source of information. Wow the term isn’t offensive now? Says who? You? That is a pretty fucking stupid thing to think. The only way America is going to progress is to address racism in any arena, not defend it or laugh at it like it never happened. I don’t have any tolerance for this type of shit, sorry.
    -Kris Parker

  • Dan

    Carlos…do a search on who runs baker…white boys.